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25 Aug, 2015 By: Robert Green

Autodesk Software Goes Subscription-Only in 2016

With major licensing policy changes on the way, it's essential to make a plan for how you'll purchase seats of AutoCAD and other software titles.

I've received many questions about the big changes in 2016 licensing terms from Autodesk. These policies will force companies to make financial decisions with long-term impacts by January 2016, so you must start planning now — while you still have time to get your management on board. In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I will address these questions and give CAD managers some key pieces of information for planning purposes. Here goes.

Note: I realize that not everyone reading this uses Autodesk software, but if Autodesk's changes take hold, it is reasonable to assume that other CAD software vendors will implement similar policies, which will require similar planning strategies.

Transition to Rental Software

If you've been following the past few editions of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, you're already aware that Autodesk will no longer sell individual products, such as AutoCAD, under "perpetual licensing" terms after January 2016. Starting next January, an annual rental plan — what Autodesk calls a desktop subscription — will require you to rent the software in monthly or yearly installments. More comprehensive software suites, where multiple programs are bundled together, are not subject to the new policy yet, but are slated to make the transition in 2017, according to press releases from earlier this year.

Before we delve deeper into evaluating the transition from perpetual to rental licensing, let's clarify the vocabulary involved. In addition to defining the key terms below, I include a reference price for each type of plan, based on an AutoCAD-only license. This way we'll have a consistent set of terminologies and a reference point so we can perform cost analyses.

Perpetual license: This is the traditional "buy it once" software license we've all purchased in the past. For a single seat of AutoCAD, the perpetual license cost is currently $4,195.

Maintenance subscription: Often simply called "subscription," this is the annual support contract for perpetual licenses that entitles you to all updates to the product. The maintenance subscription keeps your perpetual license up to date and gives you access to utilities and cloud services, provided you renew it each year. The single-seat AutoCAD maintenance subscription cost is $545 per year.

Desktop subscription: This is Autodesk's term for software rental. If you renew your desktop subscription each year, you are entitled to all updates, utilities, and cloud services. A single-seat AutoCAD desktop subscription costs $1,680 per year.

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:: CAD Manager's Toolbox

Autodesk Software Calculator

When you're ready to start planning your company's licensing future, you can use this sample spreadsheet to calculate 3- and 5-year scenarios for rent vs. buy software decisions. While this spreadsheet is intended to help analyze software strategies for Autodesk products in 2016, you can use it for other software vendors as well.

You can download the spreadsheet from my web site at:

Perpetual vs. Rental Software Calculator

To compute more scenarios, just input more values for other software titles as required.

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