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23 Sep, 2015 By: Robert Green

Prevent Workload Overload with Project Prioritization Strategies

Make sure your priorities are structured around project completion.

We've all been in this situation before: Your task list is overflowing, and new requests keep pouring in. Your boss wants even more from you, but if you keep committing yourself to additional projects, you're bound to fail. It's the classic CAD management conundrum.

So, the question becomes: How do you prioritize your workload so that you address the most important tasks first, while pushing the noncritical tasks to the bottom of the list — and determining which items don't merit any of your time at all? In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I'll share some of the methods I use to prioritize workloads with my clients, in hopes that they will work for you as well. Here goes.

It All Comes Down to Deadlines

The first step is to realize that what you really manage are deadlines.

Some CAD managers say they manage software, plotters, users, and training, but in reality, the only reason to do any of that is to complete projects. As we all know, projects have deadlines that must be met, so managing to meet deadlines is of paramount importance. Don't believe me? Just try missing a deadline and see what happens.

To keep deadlines at the forefront of my mind, I sort all my tasks in the context of how they support project execution and deadlines. By doing so, I can immediately filter between tasks that are necessary, those with lower priority, and those that would be nice, but aren't essential. I then think about each task in terms of when it must be done and how much effort it will take me to complete it. When you approach tasking in this way, priorities are much easier to establish and your work schedule falls into place. Read more »

:: CAD Manager's Toolbox

Task Management Spreadsheet

This sample spreadsheet can help you track your CAD management tasks and create prioritized lists and status reports.

You'll find this useful for maintaining your own sanity, as well as for documenting your workload in a way your boss will approve of. A key metric is the Project Deadline column, which prioritizes tasks tied to project completions ahead of other tasks.

Download the spreadsheet from my website using this link: Just replace the boilerplate dates, work hours, and contact person I've inserted with your own and re-sort as needed, then print a report. The spreadsheet is protected to prevent inadvertent inputs.

Task Management Spreadsheet

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