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14 Oct, 2015 By: Robert Green

The Minimalist's Guide to File Security

Keep your data safe by checking these key parameters.


As our day-to-day work becomes more complex, there is a human tendency to skip the things that seem simple. In a CAD management context, we spend ever more time dealing with intricate software deployments, while glossing over very basic needs, such as securing our data.

In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I'll give you a high level checklist of some basic but essential file security measures you need in your CAD environment. As we go, I'll provide some contextual examples for each scenario to provoke thought and self-auditing of your security controls. Here goes.

File Security is Paramount

While file security may not be glamorous, you must be proactive when dealing with your data. Thankfully, tracking file security risks and establishing a preemptive action plan is simply a matter of auditing your current situation, and then dealing with any gaps detected. We'll need to address how to:

  • stop accidental file deletion/overwrite,
  • avoid cloud data risks, and
  • implement reliable data backup procedures.

Let's expand these topics into a series of action items that you must take to ensure high file security. Your task is to consider any areas where your security controls are deficient so you can start taking corrective actions. Read more »

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Portable Hard Drive Tutorial

As a companion piece to this issue's focus on having a backup drive on your desktop, read this interesting article from PC Magazine.

How to Buy and External Hard Drive

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