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26 Jan, 2016 By: Robert Green

The CAD Manager's 2016 Playbook

To navigate the challenges of the coming year, you'll need a strategy — so start planning now.

In the previous issue of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, we examined some potential software and market trends for 2016. In this issue, we'll expand upon a few of these predicted trends — particularly cloud resistance and the slowing of upgrades — by giving you a playbook for dealing with the possible side effects of each.

Let's have a look at coping strategies I think may be especially helpful in the coming year, along with some specific recommendations you may want to use in your CAD management environment. Here goes.

Practice Defensive CAD Management

While it is always tempting to think of all the new and different things you'd like to do in the future, the pragmatic CAD manager should always take care to make sure things don't get worse. This defensive position is well warranted if you think about the following questions:

  • What happens if you stop enforcing standards?
  • What happens if you stop training users?
  • What happens if you ignore filing/security issues?

It doesn't take a genius to recognize that if you don't maintain these three crucial points of focus, projects can become problematic, individual productivity can slide, and data can be lost or stolen. So although these three core areas of CAD management — standards, training, and security — may not be the most compelling or interesting topics to work on, they are critically important to the success of your company.

Recommendation: Be sure you have procedures in place to deal with standards problems, as well as filing/security issues, so you can respond immediately when a problem comes up. I like to think of these types of procedures like a fire extinguisher: The time to get one and learn how to use it is before a fire breaks out.

Recommendation: Have some sort of training plan in place, even if it's just for an hour or two per month. In your curriculum, stress the critical importance of basic issues such as standards and file security.

Get a Mobile Device / Cloud Game Plan

As forecast in my 2016 predictions, this year we should see much more senior management attention focused on the risk of data loss/hacking. Since one of the easiest ways to hack information is via use/abuse of mobile devices connected to cloud services, you need to ask the following questions:

  • What risks are we taking by not controlling mobile devices?
  • Do any cloud applications we run have security flaws?
  • What happens if a rogue employee uses a mobile device or cloud-based account to steal data?
  • How can we control file editing and revision with mobile devices or cloud services?

If your organization hasn't answered all these questions, then you're at risk! Read more »

:: CAD Manager's Toolbox

What Matters Most to You?

Would you like to see a specific topic covered in the CAD Manager's Newsletter? I always strive to focus my columns on topics that are important to you and your fellow CAD managers, but I need your input to know what matters the most in your workplace.

Here are a few ideas I've received recently to get you thinking:

  • Programming topics/languages
  • National CAD standards
  • Specific building information modeling (BIM) topics
  • Interviews with software company leaders
  • IT technology (as it relates to CAD)
  • Personnel management issues
  • Quick software configuration tips
  • More in-depth, technical information about software configuration.

Feel free to add topics you don't see, or expand on those listed. Let me know what you'd like to read more about, and why! Please e-mail me with your ideas. If I have any follow-up questions, I'll e-mail you back for clarification. Thanks in advance for your responses — all input is appreciated.

And thank you for your continued readership!

Do you have a helpful tip, recommendation, or question for the CAD Manager's Newsletter? Send it to me at If I use your tip in the newsletter, you'll receive a Cadalyst prize!

:: Resources

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Vectorworks Continues Graphical Scripting Webinar Series
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