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12 Jul, 2016 By: Cadalyst Staff

Classic CAD Manager: Steer Your CAD Management Career

The better you understand your strengths — and how they can help your company — the more effective and valued you will be.

Editor's note: Until Robert Green returns, we'll be revisiting a few classic CAD Manager columns and their timeless advice. This column was originally published on September 25, 2013.

In recent years, I've noticed the CAD/BIM (building information modeling) manager's job description is evolving — and not for the better. It seems expectations are ever increasing, employers are becoming more demanding, and there is less time to get the job done. And I've noticed an unsettling trend among senior management teams who view CAD/BIM management as something that takes billable hours away from an otherwise billable occupation such as architect, engineer, or designer.

As these changes have taken root, I've heard more CAD managers complain of lower job satisfaction, with many asking the question, "Should I even be doing CAD management at all?" I can't tell you how much hearing this question saddens me because, like you, I have a passion for CAD management and I understand how much CAD managers can help their companies.

Before you consider leaving CAD management, please try implementing some strategies for raising your worth in the eyes of senior management. In this issue of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I'll pass along career advice and action items that are based on my own experiences. They can help you advance your career while you go about your day-to-day CAD management activities. Here goes.

Analysis: What Got You the Job?

Before we talk about how to better manage your career, let's take a step back and examine how you got the job in the first place. In almost all conversations with CAD managers I've had over the years, the following factors hold true:

We are technologists (engineers, architects, designers, etc.) We are comfortable with software (in fact, understanding it is easy for us) We are seen as the answer man or woman (people ask us questions) We are the fix-it man or woman (things stop working when we're gone).

The picture that emerges is of a competent, take-charge person who figures things out, makes things work, explains difficult concepts to users, and generally keeps production on track. In short, CAD managers are invaluable to the companies they support, even if that fact isn't understood by everyone around them (more on that later).


CAD managers have a skill set that makes them invaluable to their companies — and that's a message you have to share with your upper management teams.
CAD managers have a skill set that makes them invaluable to their companies — and that's a message you have to share with your upper management teams.


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