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25 Apr, 2017 By: Robert Green

Your Training Wake-Up Call, Part 2

Instructor-led, remote, one-on-one — all types of training have their own requirements, so it's crucial to learn the differences.

In the previous installment of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I issued a wake-up call for CAD managers who need to get their training programs on track (or start one), along with some action items to get the process rolling. Based on the comments and questions I received, it's clear that many of you are wrestling with training processes!


In this edition, we'll conclude by talking about the mechanics of delivering training and leveraging training materials over time. I'll also answer a few of the questions I received as we go along. Here goes.

Prepare the Written Materials

Question: "In today's video age, is there still a place for written training materials?"

Absolutely! After the training takes place, users won't have to rewatch your entire training session if they can fall back to the cheat sheet–style handouts you give them. Using the "Design Your Training Program" tips from the previous edition, you'll easily create training materials that are concise and media-savvy from the start. Here is the approach I use to create training materials for my clients:

  • Create a rough script. Typically comprising a list of bullet items combined with a demonstration file, the rough script allows me to think about the exact sequence of steps I'll use to convey my training concept(s).
  • Do a trial run. Talk through the training using the rough scripts to see how it flows. You should see very quickly if you've forgotten anything or have steps in the wrong order.
  • Cycle though more scripting and trial runs. Repeat the two steps above, making any changes to the script and example files as needed until you're confident you have everything in order. By this time, the flow of the presentation should be familiar, and your confidence should be very high. This confidence will benefit you in the training room, because your students will see how well you know the material.

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Tools and Resources

Call for Speakers: Autodesk University 2017
Autodesk is seeking design and engineering professionals to lead classes at Autodesk University Las Vegas, to be held November 14–16, 2017. The deadline for proposals is May 17. Speakers will be notified in late June; those selected to speak will receive a free conference pass.

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