CAD Manager's Newsletter (#392)

26 Sep, 2017 By: Robert Green

Master the Details to Manage CAD Project Deadlines Smoothly

To minimize delays and unpleasant surprises, ask lots of questions — and plan backward.

In the previous edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, we talked about how new technologies can change the way we deal with classic CAD management issues — for better or worse — and suggested that new strategies might be in order. So why not start by tackling the biggest problem most CAD managers deal with: deadlines.

In this edition, we'll explore some proven strategies for managing project deadlines from a CAD manager's perspective, presented in a decision-making framework. My hope is you'll find this approach useful in your own work environment. Here goes.

What's Due, When, and Where?

It used to be that deadlines were defined by a known deliverable (such as AutoCAD files) produced by a known date (the deadline). These days, it isn't always that simple. Consider the following example:

  • Deadline: November 1, 2017
  • Deliverable: Coordinated building information modeling (BIM) project file set, transmitted using a predefined directory structure of relative paths.
  • Deliverable location: Corporate Box cloud account.

In this case, it's easy to see that we can't just send the client a disc with AutoCAD files on it, right? So how does this sort of project deliverable set make life more difficult? Let's explore:

  • The coordinated file set must be delivered in a pre-agreed filing structure such that all files will resolve when opened. Since we have no idea what the client's storage structure will ultimately be, we must build in time to research and benchmark how this file transmittal will work.
  • The use of a cloud storage solution (Box, in this case) means we'll need to procure an account and ensure that the security controls will be adequate to protect our intellectual property.

Strategy conclusion: To effectively manage our task load now, we need to understand what we must deliver in the future — and that means more upfront homework for the CAD manager.

Any New Software?

Will your project necessitate the use of any new software, be it installed on a local desktop, based in the cloud, or on an iPad? If so, consider the following:

  • How much implementation time will be required?
  • Will you need to develop standards?
  • Will users need to be trained?
  • Will that new software require implementation time, IT support, or training?
  • Will the use of a cloud- or mobile-based app require changes to company security policies?

Strategy conclusion: Any time that new software is brought into a project, it pays to be cautious. The difference is that in today's cloud/app environment, new software is much more likely to be introduced during your project than it was just a few years ago.Read more »

Tools and Resources

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