CAD Manager's Newsletter (#421)

12 Feb, 2019 By: Robert Green

Learn Your Boss's Priorities for Your Job

It's often difficult to determine how to organize your many tasks as a CAD manager. What does your boss want you to focus on first? There's only one way to know for certain — ask!

Image source: Olivier Le Moal/
Image source: Olivier Le Moal/

When I hear from CAD managers about their concerns, there are certain questions that come up again and again: "How should I deal with all the tasks I have on my plate?" and "How does my boss expect me to get all this stuff done?" and "How can I know what they want me to work on first?" These questions may seem unrelated, but in reality they are all about two things: priorities and communication.

In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, we'll begin a discussion about prioritizing your workload so your managers will love what you're doing, and communicating in a way that helps them notice your efforts. Here goes.

What Your Boss Knows — and Needs

In my years as a CAD manager, I've talked with many senior management teams, and I've come to believe they think the following:

•  They realize that your job is hard.
•  They know you've got a lot going on.
•  They're aware that you receive conflicting demands from users, project managers, and the IT department.

So this means that they understand your plight, if not your job. But here are a few other things senior management teams tend to think:

•  They expect you to help projects go out the door profitably.
•  They want you to prioritize standards and best practices over user desires.
•  They need you to keep software costs under control.
•  They want their priorities to be your priorities.

Now we're getting somewhere: It turns out that senior management teams are all about business efficiency and profitability. So how should you prioritize the CAD manager's job in a way that'll make management happy?

Get Specific

Of course, it's one thing to speak in generalities about being more productive, controlling costs, and generating profits on jobs, but how can you know what specific priorities your management team wants you to address? Two words: Ask them!Read more »

Tools and Resources

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