CAD Manager's Newsletter (#423)

12 Mar, 2019 By: Robert Green

CAD Management Strategies — Building Relationships

Building strong relationships as you perform your job builds your career, but how do you nurture those relationships?

I'm often asked how to approach CAD management from a strategic position. We have to manage models, produce PDF files, and keep users productive, but are there ways to approach the job to make improve the process on a larger scale or are we doomed to perpetually fix the same problems with our users?

In this newsletter, I'm introducing an ongoing series that covers strategic concepts of CAD management. This edition will focus on how to build strong relationships as you perform your job. These strategies work no matter how large the company you work in or how little actual authority you have, making them invaluable. Here goes.

Image source: Fizkes/
Image source: Fizkes/

Be the Font of Knowledge

Establishing your technical credibility with all those around you is Job 1 in CAD management, right? In addition to getting the job done, demonstrating your knowledge also has other benefits. Consider that:

•  Users will love you, because you have all the answers.
•  Project managers will love you, because you can solve issues that could otherwise delay project milestones.
•  Senior management will love you, because project managers love you AND because they won't hear complaints about problems.

Being available and knowledgeable are the best strategies for making yourself invaluable (and lovable) to all those around you.

"Where are the Problems?"

A funny thing happens when you ask people what their problems are — they tell you! As a CAD manager, I'm always trying to prevent problems, rather than waiting for them to blow up. I send out e-mails and constantly ask people, "How can we do things better?" or "What keeps you from being efficient?"

It is amazing how many times I'll receive great suggestions for improvements that I never would have thought of on my own. Of course, I can't fix every problem or implement every solution, but I can do my best to make sure people know I'm listening and that I'm open to new ideas. Read more »

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