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14 Jul, 2021 By: Robert Green

Is It Time for a Job Change?


Before you change jobs, review this career change checklist to make sure you make the right decision.   

In the past few decades, we’ve seen good times and bad for CAD managers, but right now may be one of the best times ever if you are thinking about a career change. With business changing rapidly due to the COVID19 shutdowns, high demand in construction and manufacturing industries, and a general labor shortage, you may never encounter a better time to make a career change. I’ve noticed a trend of questions from readers about this very situation.

In this issue of the CAD Manager’s Newsletter, I’ll start a two-part series on career change beginning with a self-assessment to help you understand your motivation for change and whether it is something you should undertake. Here goes.

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Is it Time to Move On?

If you think it is time to make a move, then you should know why, right? Is it due to dysfunctional management? Low pay? Lack of challenge?

Understanding your inner motivation to move on is crucial to making the right move, so let’s take some time to understand your motivation. 

Homework Item 1. Write down all the reasons you think it is time to move on and find a new job.

Now that you’ve inventoried the reasons for making a move, consider the practicality of each reason. In some cases — such as wanting higher pay — the motivation for change is motivated by a financial goal that is easy to understand. Other cases may be more developmental in nature — such as bettering your management skill set or moving into a new technology field — these motivations are concrete changes to your career that need to be pursued in another company that has need for them. But, in other cases — such as disagreements with co-workers, burnout, or just being sick of what you’re doing — your motivation may be more emotionally based and less about your professional development. Let’s dig into those reasons for more clarity.

Homework Item 2. For each reason you wrote down, decide if the reason is professional, developmental, or emotional. If your list tends toward professional and developmental, then a change may well be in order. If your list is more about emotional issues, then you must ask yourself if a new employer will really solve these problems.

How did your homework go? Were your reasons to make a career change born from financial or development reasons or were your reasons more emotional? Next, dig deeper into those reasons.

Homework Item 3. Be honest with yourself and determine if your desire for change is really career focused or are you just tired of your current environment? If the change is more emotionally motivated, have you really done all you can to make your current environment better?


Dos and Don’ts to Follow When Considering a Job Change

Hopefully, you now know your true motivation for making a career change. And, if you think making a move is in your future, then it’s time to intelligently plan your process. Follow these lists of Dos and Don’ts so you won’t make a career mistake (more on these items a bit later):


  • Don’t quit your job on a whim.
  • Don’t issue threats about quitting your job.
  • Don’t share your idea of quitting with anyone.


  • Do understand why you want to make a change.
  • Do analyze your company’s financial situation.
  • Do create an honest analysis of your current skills/marketability.
  • Do address concerns with your manager but don’t threaten to quit.
  • Do create a plan for how you’ll exit.

Remember, making a career change is a major decision and should not be made in haste. Following these dos and don’ts will give you time to fully consider your options — including the option of staying put.

How do you make changes without burning bridges? Read on to learn how to understand your motivations for change and how to analyze your current company to help with your decision.

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