CAD Manager's Newsletter #509

22 Mar, 2023 By: Robert Green


CAD Programming: Combining Python and .NET

Automate AutoCAD using two different programming platforms — one for the program and the other for the GUI. By Andrew G. Roe. Read more >>

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Manufacturing 101  

Find out more about additive manufacturing technology and the companies who produce AM products. Plus, read two case studies on how companies are using this technology to bring products to market faster and save money! By Cadalyst Editors

CAD Manager Chronicles Video Series

Episode 4: Making Upgrade Decisions 

In this fourth episode of Cadalyst's CAD Chronicles, Robert Green discusses how best to make decisions around upgrading your software. When, what, how much, which seats? Find out how to make the best decisions for your work place. By Robert Green


A CAD Manager's Guide to Reducing Errors

Whether your problems stem from users who ignore standards, a company culture that doesn't prioritize quality, or self-sabotaging management techniques, this guide will set you on the path to greater efficiency, fewer mistakes, and better results. (Compiled from Robert Green's CAD Manager's Column.)



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Robert Green

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