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29 Oct, 2015 By: Cadalyst Staff

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Color Wide-Format Printers for CAD

These multifunction machines produce beautiful color prints to show off your work, plus black-and-white plots for day-to-day design checks.

By Curt Moreno

Printers have been important tools since computers first landed on our desks, and now we're used to having them within reach in the office and at home. While most of the working world is content with standard, letter-sized prints, however, engineers and architects have greater needs. We need prints that range from letter-sized diagrams to giant 12-foot-square images — and larger! We need professional, wide-format printers.

Fortunately, the market is broad as well as dynamic, offering a wide selection of sizes, prices, and capabilities for modern design professionals to choose from. On the other hand, a wide selection can also make things a bit confusing.

An Increasingly Colorful Marketplace

When it comes to wide-format printers, there are several players in the market; HP, Canon, and Epson are among the better-known manufacturers. There are also two types of technologies to choose from: electrophotography (more commonly referred to as laserjet) and inkjet.

Mechanically speaking, the main difference between these printer types is the print medium. An electrophotography printer uses a powdered toner medium similar to that of a standard office photocopier. This is very reliable technology, but unless you spend a lot of money, it only produces black-and-white prints. Full-color prints are the domain of the inkjet printer, which uses liquid inks to create images. Inkjet technology is much more familiar to the average consumer, being nearly identical to that of desktop printers at home. Read more »

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Curt Moreno is a Houston, Texas–based CAD manager, writer, and speaker who has been using AutoCAD since 1990.

▶ Dealing with Errors in AutoCAD Programs

Errors are bound to happen, but it's simple to incorporate error handling in your VB.NET and VBA code.

By Andrew G. Roe

Regardless of your programming skill level, errors can occur whenever someone runs your program. The key is handling those errors correctly and efficiently. In most of my previous articles on AutoCAD programming, error handling has been omitted for brevity and clarity in demonstrating other programming concepts. In this article, we'll look more closely at error handling in two different environments: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET).


While VBA has declined in popularity among AutoCAD programmers in the past decade, Autodesk still unofficially supports it with a downloadable VBA enabler, so AutoCAD users can continue using legacy VBA routines (see "VBA Lives On with AutoCAD 2016"). VBA's simplicity provides a good starting point for understanding basic error-handling concepts.

Consider the case where your program needs to perform some basic calculations, such as dividing one number into another to determine a percentage. Errors could occur if the user enters something other than a number (such as a letter), or if the user tries to divide a number by zero. VBA provides several tools to handle these errors, including the On Error statement. To see how this works, try the following steps. Read more »

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Cadalyst contributing editor Andrew G. Roe is a registered civil engineer and president of AGR Associates.


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ISW: Revit Model Management with Ideate BIMLink
November 5, 2015
11:30 a.m. PT
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Capturing Reality
November 23–25, 2015
Salzburg, Austria
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PLM Road Map 2015 for the Global Automotive Industry
November 24, 2015
Munich, Germany
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Autodesk University 2015
December 1–5, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada
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