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31 Aug, 2016 By: Cadalyst Staff

▶ Bentley Site Design Software Speeds Completion of World's Largest Yogurt Plant

SITEOPS software facilitates delivery of a 1-million-square-foot project within tight time constraints.

By Katherine Flesh

New York–based Chobani is a company best known for supplying Greek yogurt to millions of people across America. When its facility in New Berlin reached maximum production capacity due to increasing consumer demand, executives had to develop additional manufacturing space to capitalize on the momentum of the Chobani brand.

Chobani contracted Tippmann Construction to design and construct a production and distribution plant to be located in Twin Falls, Idaho. The contractor turned to Manhard Consulting, a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm, to assist with the land development phase of the project and complete a site design under the aggressive schedule mandated by Chobani.

To deliver a site master plan for this fast-track $450 million project, which included grading and earthworks analysis, infrastructure design, and stormwater management, Manhard relied on the conceptual design capabilities of Bentley Systems SITEOPS civil site design software. SITEOPS enabled project engineers to produce site designs quickly, and provide more land development options to the general contractor, creating an informed project lifecycle.

Bentley Site Design Software Speeds Completion of World's Largest Yogurt Plant

Working with Terrain Constraints

Faced with 200 acres of sloping Idaho terrain that would impact the site layout and ground elevations linked to a 939,000-square-foot building pad, Manhard needed to work closely with Tippmann to make decisions quickly and accurately. The abbreviated timeline imposed by Chobani, together with an aggressive design-build schedule, required close coordination between the Manhard team, Tippmann, and various other consultants involved in the design of the production facility building. Read more »

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Katherine Flesh is the senior manager of Analytical Modeling Advancement for Bentley Systems.

▶ Canon Stresses Security with Latest PlotWave Printers

Increased awareness of risks will spur administrators of wide-format printing environments to secure vulnerable components, the company hopes.

By Cadalyst Staff

Security is a concern — or it should be — for everyone who stores and transmits important data in digital format. In the CAD community, we often hear about concerns related to cloud-based data storage, for example. But how many CAD users look at the trusty wide-format printer in their office and see a security risk?

The company is entering a market served by well-established competitors, but Rize asserts that it's offering something new: "the only hassle-free, safe, and affordable industrial-class desktop 3D printing solution." Industry veteran Marangell, who formerly served as a vice-president for Stratasys and president of Objet's North American subsidiary, spoke to Cadalyst about these claims and his vision for the future.

Canon Solutions America, a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., is looking to change perceptions on the subject. The company is pressing everyone who creates technical documents to adopt a stricter security strategy in their wide-format printing environments, and is making changes in its product lineup that support this push. Canon's Océ PlotWave 345, 365, 450, and 550 large-format printing systems, released this year, feature increased security features that the company "will be making available across the board over time," said Dan Zemaitis, product marketing manager at Canon Solutions America.

"Security means many things in the wide-format printing world," Zemaitis noted. There are multiple points of vulnerability in a wide-format printing environment, but the most crucial is the controller — an onboard computer that serves as the communication point between the user's computer(s) and the printer. "It's the heart of the system," said Zemaitis. An unsecured controller is exposed to both simple errors — such as an employee accidentally changing settings and sending print jobs elsewhere — and intentional attacks, including attempts to infiltrate the network. Read more »

▶ Style Library Manager Migration Fixes for Inventor 2016

When using the Style Library Manager to migrate a previous version style library to Autodesk Inventor 2016, the resulting migrated Style Library will be set to Read Only; this tutorial provides a workaround.

By Wyatt Schurkamp

In June of 2015, Joanna Gryszka wrote a great article highlighting a solution to fixing a read-only Autodesk Inventor style library, which caused issues when attempting to copy styles from one library to another. In working with a number of clients on upgrades of Inventor 2015 to 2016, this error showed itself time and again, but on occasion, applying the steps for the fix did not provide resolution.

One particular organization had two different departments that had upgraded from 2015 to 2016 on different dates. The group using Inventor 2016 had already migrated design styles and created new ones, all the while the Inventor 2015 group had continued to create 2015 styles. When both departments were ready to move forward on the same 2016 version, the styles were not able to sync because of the read-only style problem.

To ensure that Inventor 2015 design styles could be injected into the 2016 version, a manual workaround was devised to bypass the problematic Style Library Manager. This workaround prevented the need to recreate custom design styles from scratch in the newest version of Inventor. Read more »

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Wyatt Schurkamp is a senior applications expert for IMAGINiT Technologies.


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