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22 Jan, 2015 By: Cadalyst Staff

▶ Internet of Things: What It Means for Designers and Their Companies

The growing network of web-connected products demands a new approach to product development.

By Nancy Spurling Johnson

For tech-loving consumers, the Internet of Things, or IoT, is delivering lighting systems you can control from anywhere, and pet trackers that alert you if your dog gets loose. For savvy industrial companies, IoT-connected machinery helps optimize operations by monitoring the life of parts and averting malfunctions. IoT is a catchphrase that has garnered as much media buzz and industry speculation as evidence of actual progress — but that status advances with each new web-connected refrigerator, medical device, tractor, and wind turbine that is launched into the real world.

IoT is changing how we live and work — including how we design the connected things that it comprises.

The Internet of Things can help homeowners, farmers, business owners — and even animals, as in a project by GROUND Lab that uses GPS and SMS technologies to help conservationists protect the last 2,000 lions living in the wild in southern Kenya.
The Internet of Things can help homeowners, farmers, business owners — and even animals, as in a project by GROUND Lab that uses GPS and SMS technologies to help conservationists protect the last 2,000 lions living in the wild in southern Kenya.

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Nancy Spurling Johnson is the content director for Longitude Media, publisher of Cadalyst.

▶ Learning Curve Tutorial: Yet Another Way to Go from 3D to 2D in AutoCAD

To create 2D views from 3D models quickly, try the ViewBase family of commands.

By Bill Fane

It was a warm and sunny December morning, just before Christmas. Captain LearnCurve, his gorgeous wife, and their son and daughter-in-law were relaxing in the sun on the deck of the Silver Spirit ...

Wait a minute! You live in Vancouver, Canada! How could you be relaxing on the deck of a boat in December?

... about 40 miles offshore from Cairns, Australia, just outside the Great Barrier Reef.

Oh. That would explain it.

Suddenly a shout rang out: "Divers in the water!" With a series of splashes the Captain and his son stepped overboard, along with the divemaster and four other divers.

That's one fairly big step for Captain LearnCurve ...
That's one fairly big step for Captain LearnCurve ...

Six dives in two days would bring the Captain's lifetime total to 226. He loves the freedom to move at will in all three dimensions, as opposed to only two when he's on the surface — that's it! This month's topic!


Generating 2D working drawings from 3D models!

But haven't you already covered that in two previous columns?

Actually, those two columns hardly covered the half of it. AutoCAD in fact has four basic processes for producing 2D drawings from 3D models.

But previously you said it had three ...

More on that later. My first column on this topic covered the FlatShot command, which is the oldest and simplest. It is still the fastest and easiest for producing a quick-and-dirty view but it has too many limitations if you want to get fancy.

Next came the command sequence using the SolView, SolDraw, and SolProf combination, as covered in my second column of this series. This combination is more powerful and versatile than FlatShot but takes a little more effort, and once again has a few limitations and gnarly bits.

Time and the Autodesk programmers marched on. In due course they produced the SectionPlane family of commands, which made it much easier to produce 2D drawing and cross-section views. Read more »

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Bill Fane is a Cadalyst contributing editor, a registered professional engineer, and a close personal friend of Captain LearnCurve.


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International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2015
February 23–25, 2015
Denver, Colorado
The International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) is a technical conference and exhibition focused on data acquisition, fusion, processing, and point clouds for airborne, terrestrial, and underwater light detection and ranging (LiDAR) used to support transport, urban modeling, coastal zone mapping, utility asset management, and more. Read more »

REAL 2015
February 25–26, 2015
San Francisco, California
REAL, billed as the first reality computing conference, is a new event that will see the convergence of the professional 3D sensing and 3D making industries. Read more »

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference
March 17–20, 2015
San Jose, California
This graphics processing unit (GPU) conference covers a wide range of topics and industries. Attendees will learn about NVIDIA's latest technologies, as well as the newest developments from industry leaders in fields ranging from healthcare to automotive. Read more »

SPAR International 3D Measurement and Imaging Conference
March 30–April 2, 2015
Houston, Texas
This conference brings together professionals from diverse markets to discover the latest advances and technologies in 3D data capture, processing, and delivery. Read more »

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