CAD Users, Vendors, Resellers: Cyon Research Needs Your Input

6 Mar, 2011 By: Cadalyst Staff

Two surveys will paint a picture of engineering software market and how users are implementing CAD, CAE, PDM, PLM, and BIM tools.

Cyon Research is conducting two surveys, calling on members of the CAD/engineering community for immediate feedback. Results of both surveys will be presented at the annual Cyon Research event, COFES: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, April 14-17, 2011.

The first survey, titled COFES 2011 Survey, will support a market outlook report produced jointly with research and consulting firm Tech-Clarity. The five-minute survey is open to all software vendors, value-added resellers, and users.

The second survey, 2011 Q1 Global Survey of Firms that Use Engineering Software, is an in-depth study of users of software tools for design and engineering. The 20-minute survey is open to employees of any firm that uses engineering software -- that is, CAD, CAE, PDM, PLM, or BIM software for design, engineering, manufacturing, or construction applications.

Cyon Research surveys historically have explored customer’s attitudes, expectations, and plans regarding the use of engineering software. The 2011 Q1 survey continues and expands this theme, looking at users' view of their business outlook, spending/hiring plans, and expectations regarding changes or transitions in their engineering software mix, the firm reports.

The question of transitions is of particular significance in the Cyon Research 2011 Q1 survey. Conventional wisdom regarding the “stickiness” of engineering software tools -- particularly those from the major vendors -- is starting to be challenged, both by technical innovations and by changes in user expectations. The survey explores not just transitions in major engineering software platforms, but also transitions driven from outside the world of engineering software, particularly by ubiquitous new consumer and social technologies.

The 2011 Q1 survey is available in five languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Respondents from qualifying firms can receive a copy of the 2011 Q1 survey results for personal use at no cost. The detailed final survey report will be published in Q3 2011 and will be available for purchase from Cyon Research for $2,000.

Cyon Research analyzes the engineering technology and software markets, providing research and consulting to clients worldwide. COFES, now in its 11th year, is the firm’s flagship event, bringing together executives from design, engineering, architectural, development, and technology companies to understand the role engineering technology will play in the future survival and success of business.

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