Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 3, No. 4)

25 Feb, 2018 By: Cadalyst Staff

New from Cadalyst

Importing PDFs into AutoCAD: Data Integrity and Image Files

Importing PDFs into AutoCAD: Data Integrity and Image Files
In this final installment of my series on importing PDF files into AutoCAD as objects, you'll learn about some of the bad news — data integrity — as well as find out how you can control the location of the imported raster images (PNG files). Watch the video

Live with Robert Green: Select the Right Processor and RAM for CAD, Analysis, and Visualization Workflows

Live with Robert Green:
Demystifying GPUs for CAD Workstations

Wednesday, March 21
1:30 p.m. ET | 10:30 a.m. PT
In this live, 30-minute web presentation by Cadalyst, CAD management expert Robert Green will shed light on the often confusing and misunderstood role of professional graphics processing units (sometimes called GPUs or graphics cards) in CAD workstations. We'll examine which types of GPUs are appropriate for various software applications, workflows, monitor resolutions, and mobile workstations. If you've ever been mystified by GPU terminology or wondered what to specify for your users, this webinar is for you. A live Q&A will follow the presentation; bring your questions! Register now

From the CAD Community

What You Need to Know about IGES and STEP Files

What You Need to Know about IGES and STEP Files
Lars Christensen touches on the history of the IGES and STEP formats, and discusses round-tripping CAD files for better import. Watch the videos

The Secret to Leading Users to Follow CAD Standards

The Secret to Leading Users to Follow CAD Standards
Donnie Gladfelter of the CAD Geek discusses how to convince users to adopt standards, with strategies including explaining return on investment and sharing the short-term benefits of adopting standards. Watch the videos

Architecture Programs Every Architect Should Know

Architecture Programs Every Architect Should Know
This video from Show It Better, an educational website focused on architectural representation, provides an overview of the software landscape for architects. The software categories covered include building information modeling, 3D modeling, drafting/2D, rendering, and graphic enhancement. Watch the video

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