Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 4, No. 15)

25 Aug, 2019 By: Cadalyst Staff

New from Cadalyst

Let AutoCAD Set Your Object Layers for You!

Let AutoCAD Set Your Object Layers for You!
If you are still changing your current layer when adding text, dimensions, xrefs, or hatch patterns, then you are working too hard! AutoCAD will happily do this for you with just a few minor settings. Join AutoCAD tipster Lynn Allen as she takes you through the steps needed to get AutoCAD to do the work for you, so you can focus on your designs! Watch the video

From the CAD Community


This video from Graphisoft explains the benefits of OPEN BIM using real-life, practical examples. Viewers will learn how OPEN BIM projects are shared among architects, engineers, builders, and clients. They will also see how Rift Architects saved time and money by implementing the OPEN BIM collaboration workflow to design and build a high-end residential complex in Norway. A live, OPEN BIM workflow demonstration is included. Watch the video

 Call for videos: Cadalyst editors invite you to suggest a video for inclusion in "From the CAD Community." Submissions must be previously published and nonpromotional. They should provide guidance on CAD technologies and trends; do not submit software tutorials or "tips and tricks"–type videos. Send the link to

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Webinar: Rise of Temporary and Pop-Up Architecture (1 AIA HSW)

Webinar: Rise of Temporary and Pop-Up Architecture (1 AIA HSW)
From Vectorworks: The increasing need for adaptable space has given rise to "pop-up architecture," which allows creativity and potential time/cost savings in construction. Explore ways in which pop-up architecture has been developed, used, and admired around the world. Learn more here!

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