Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 4, No. 2)

28 Jan, 2019 By: Cadalyst Staff

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Lazy Layer Tips for AutoCAD

Lazy Layer Tips for AutoCAD
Would you like to change your current layer in fewer clicks? Would you like to move objects to a different layer by simply matching an object on the destination layer? Join AutoCAD video tipster Lynn Allen as she shares a couple of handy layer tricks that will help you get your job done faster! Watch the video

From the CAD Community

HNTB Uses Unreal Studio to Create Project-Winning VR Experiences

HNTB Uses Unreal Studio to Create Project-Winning VR Experiences
This video from UnrealEngine offers a look at infrastructure solutions provider HNTB, which uses Unreal Studio to create convincing virtual reality (VR) design representations for stakeholders. Watch the video

Maunakea Observatories -- SOLIDWORKS

Maunakea Observatories — SOLIDWORKS
In this case study created by SOLIDWORKS, mechanical designer and instrument maker Greg Green explains how he uses SOLIDWORKS software to design parts for telescopes at the Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii. Watch the video

 Call for videos: Cadalyst editors invite you to suggest a video for inclusion in "From the CAD Community." Submissions must be previously published and nonpromotional. They should provide guidance on CAD technologies and trends; do not submit software tutorials or "tips and tricks"–type videos. Send the link to

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Webinar: Driving Construction Efficiency at LAX Airport

Webinar: Driving Construction Efficiency at LAX Airport
From Matterport: Join Matterport on January 30th as they explore how you can use modern, easy scanning techniques for coordination, documentation, and acceleration during construction. In this webinar, Corgan will share how they captured 3D visualizations to streamline the construction process of a $1.6 billion airport project. Read more

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