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Cadalyst can host expandables. Please note the following:

  • All expandables must be 3rd party served, including pagepeels.
  • Expandables must be submitted to 1-2 weeks prior to IO commitment for testing purposes. When sending the email, it is very important that you specify the Advertiser Name, the intended site for activation, and that these materials are expandables to be used for testing before signing contract.
  • If there is an 'iFrame-buster' file that must be loaded on our web server, please provide with the testing materials. We already have iFrame-buster files for Atlas DMT, Doubleclick (Motif) and EyeBlaster loaded at the root of our webserver. We are ready to run expandable 3rd party tags from one of these three platforms.

Notes on "Peelback" or "Page Peel": These are common expandable ads that look like a "dog-eared" page in the upper right corner of the browser window, which when clicked or hovered will peel back to reveal the ad. The unexpanded dimensions should be around 100x100 or similar square; the expanded dimensions can be no larger than 940x940.

  • The page peel must be served by a 3rd party such as Pointroll or similar.
  • Expand action must equal retract action (mouse over / mouse off, or click open / click close).
  • Video = true streaming, progressive download available on click only; 30 seconds max.
  • Audio on click OR mouse-over; if mouse-over: must be 1 sec delay, and must stop when banner moused off.