flash instructions

Flash Ad Instructions
  • Try to keep file size under 200k without video or under 2.5 mb (with video).
  • We cannot host streaming video files and other external assets. Please set your asset paths to your own server and test a published SWF outside your firewall to make sure it is working properly.
  • Frame rate: 12 FPS recommended.
  • Expandable or "traveling" ads may not work in our iFrames without help. If your Flash ad is hosted by Atlas DMT, Doubleclick (Motif), or EyeWonder, we have iFrame-buster files loaded on our root web server to help the ad expand properly. Expandables must be tested 1-2 weeks before agreement.

In order for us to count clicks on your SWF file, you cannot embed your click URL in the file. If you embed your click URL, we will still book the ad, however we won't be able to count clicks unless you replace it according to the below instructions.

You must create an invisible button layer with a clickTag script, as shown in the below ActionScript 2 screenshot from the .FLA file:

Note that clickTag is case sensitive. This code replaces your click URL in the SWF file. The "clickTag" script will call your URL out of our Atlas UI where it will be pasted.

If your ad has multiple click points (the click is in multiple frames or layers), you can place the same clickTag code in each layer.

We can only count clicks on one URL per ad. If you have multiple click points in your ad, each with a different click URL, you will have to embed your URLs in all locations except the one you want us to count clicks for, and that one should have the clickTag code.

Normally a solo clickTag code is in the top layer, associated with the object not any frames. However if you prefer to have the ad clickable only in a certain frame, such as the last frame when the ad is finished with its automation, the clickTag can go in that frame. Let us know ahead of time so that we understand how to test the ad.


Below is a screenshot from the Atlas Admanager UI where your click URL will be pasted. Please send us this URL along with the materials.

If you are writing in ActionScript 3, follow the same sort of procedure with the clickTag, replacing the URL with the "clickTag" variable. Bear in mind that once the clickTag variable is placed in your ActionScript, the ad will only click through AFTER it's been loaded into our ad server.

If you have any questions, please contact