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16 Jul, 2013 By: Cadalyst Staff

Bentley Systems Consolidates Utility Design and Management in New Application

With Bentley Utilities Designer, customers can access network design, cost estimation, and GIS capabilities in one software solution.

By Cyrena Respini-Irwin

At the end of June, Bentley Systems released Bentley Utilities Designer, a multifaceted application for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility networks. Combining CAD, GIS, and cost estimation tools in one package, the new release is designed to simplify software portfolios and streamline workflows. "It provides comprehensive network design and management for utility owner–operators," said Victor Alvarez, Bentley's senior product marketing manager.

Expanding on a Familiar Foundation

The developers of Bentley Utilities Designer sought to improve workflows by consolidating existing tools, including MicroStation (an information modeling environment for infrastructure projects) and Bentley Map (a 3D geospatial information system [GIS]). "[They] looked at previous utility design offerings, rolled [multiple] products into one application, and extended the capabilities further," said Alvarez. The new product is not a replacement for MicroStation, Alvarez noted, but rather a utility-specific design product that packages intelligent CAD-based design and GIS into a single application, with a single license.

In addition, this release includes wastewater network design capabilities for the first time. Previously, the Bentley Systems portfolio offered wastewater network analysis, but the ability to design the layout and connections for all components of the network is new, said Alvarez.

GIS Flexibility

When it comes to GIS capabilities, Bentley Utilities Designer offers customers a choice: For those who opt not to use the built-in, utility-specific GIS, the software integrates with commonly deployed enterprise GISs. "It really comes down to where the utilities are at with their enterprise GIS investment," said Alvarez, noting that some organizations have invested significant resources to implement their existing systems. "If [the legacy systems] are working well, there may not be enough reason to swap those out."

Although many GIS applications have design capabilities, "those systems can sometimes be a little bit difficult, because at their heart they are a GIS system," said Alvarez. "A GIS-based solution can only go so far in satisfying designers and what they need." Bentley Utilities Designer, he explained, enables designers to work more quickly because it is CAD-based. "[We asked ourselves,] what are the tools and functionalities we need to provide so it doesn't take designers half an hour to offset a gas line from the curb by ten feet?" Designers prefer to work in an intelligent CAD-based drafting environment, instead of a GIS environment that has been adapted for design, he continued.

Bentley Utilities Designer features a built-in GIS designed for utilities.

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Cyrena Respini-Irwin is Cadalyst's senior editor.

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