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8 Aug, 2013 By: Cadalyst Staff

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Solid Edge University 2013, Part 2:
Q&A with Karsten Newbury

Senior vice-president discusses the direction of Solid Edge under his leadership.

By Nancy Spurling Johnson

At its Solid Edge University (SEU) 2013 user conference in Covington, Kentucky, early this summer, Siemens PLM Software introduced Solid Edge ST6, the latest version of its midrange 3D mechanical design solution. Known for its synchronous technology, which offers fully integrated constraint-driven modeling and history-free (or "direct") modeling within the same interface, the software is now available for download.

Among its 1,300 new features, Solid Edge ST6 includes a YouTube docking pane that lets users record, upload, and directly share a modeling session on YouTube, as well as search YouTube for other Solid Edge videos. Users can also access discussions, tutorials, and expert advice via a new online Solid Edge Community. Also new is a partnership with the open engineering web site GrabCAD to facilitate real-time model sharing and review on the cloud for those users who want it. Users will be able to upload files directly from Solid Edge ST6 to GrabCAD Workbench, controlling access to those files as they see fit. (See our Part 1 report for the full overview of new features.)

At SEU 2013, I sat down with Karsten Newbury, the Siemens PLM Software senior vice-president and general manager who oversees the business segment that develops Solid Edge and other products in the Velocity Series product portfolio. In this interview (which has been edited for length), we discussed what's behind the latest Solid Edge developments.

Nancy Johnson: This morning at the Solid Edge keynote, you introduced Dan Staples [director, Solid Edge] by saying, "This is the best version of Solid Edge ever." Do you say that about every release, or is there something in particular that makes it better this time around?

Karsten Newbury
Karsten Newbury

Karsten Newbury: Well, it's a good question because, of course, if the next release wasn't better, why would we have done it? This is the first release I've said this about, and I've been with the business for a few releases. Although we keep improving, in this one we've really brought a lot of things together.

[As part of Siemens], we manage together as a team, and what happens there is you start having much more customer input to the product. You have more input into sales as to what the product can actually do. We market a consistent story. We spend a lot of time thinking about, Who are we? and Why are we doing this? We're all excited about developing Solid Edge because we help people do a better job designing. If you can get that into the hearts and minds of the developers, now they start thinking not about code but, How can I help the guy out there that's trying to do a job? Read more »

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Nancy Spurling Johnson is Cadalyst's editor-in-chief.

Aras Innovator Upgrades Multi-CAD Management Performance

Latest release of open-source PLM platform delivers 'fastest multi-CAD check-in / check-out.'

By Cadalyst Staff

Aras, a provider of enterprise open-source product lifecycle management (PLM) software, today announced download availability of the latest release of the Aras Innovator PLM platform and solution suite. The new release features a series of CAD-focused enhancements enabling Aras to deliver best-in-class multi-CAD management performance. Additional highlights include enablement of the TRUaras secure cloud-based file exchange; support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, and Internet Explorer 10; and numerous other scalability, performance, and usability improvements.

Aras Innovator is available via free download from the company's web site.

"With improved API capabilities and a unified CAD data model across mechanical and electronics, Aras is delivering a new level of multi-CAD management performance in this release," said Peter Schroer, president of Aras. "We believe global enterprises with complex geographically distributed design environments need greater scalability and much faster performance than they've been able to get from the other major PLM systems, and that's why it's been a key area of focus at Aras for this release." Read more »


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CIMdata PLM Certificate Program — Andover
September 16–20, 2013
Andover, Massachusetts
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Westec 2013
October 15–17, 2013
Los Angeles, California
Westec, sponsored by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, will showcase software, cutting tools, and multitasking machines from international equipment manufacturers. Read more »

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