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21 Aug, 2013 By: Cadalyst Staff

VISI Speeds Stamping Tool Production

Kleiner Stanztechnik streamlines its manufacturing process with the adoption of Vero Software's 3D CAD/CAM solution.

By Stewart Bint

An important part of success for a subcontractor in parts manufacturing is its in-house tool production. One such company, Germany-based Kleiner Stanztechnik, produces more than 60 highly complex progressive forming tools a year.

Combining its experience in high-performance stamping tools and precision stampings with new technologies, Kleiner manufactures parts for the automotive, plastics, electrical, medical technology, and electronics industries. And since the company adopted Vero Software's VISI for 3D tool design, Kleiner now has an integrated process chain based on 3D data, covering everything from quotations to design and numerical control (NC) programming.

Crafting the Tech behind High Tech

Kleiner operates Bruderer and Haulick & Ross presses running up to 1,200 strokes per minute, and can process strips with a width of up to 320 mm and a thickness of 0.06–4 mm on 38 hydraulic presses with a pressing force of up to 250 tons. The product portfolio extends from populated lead frames, which replace the commonly used printed circuit board, to microstampings, such as snap domes dotted with gold for buttons and switches — where spot galvanization can cut costs by limiting the amount of gold used.

An example of Kleiner's complex precision stamped parts, these snap domes feature spots of gold that will serve as contacts in buttons and switches.
An example of Kleiner's complex precision stamped parts, these snap domes feature spots of gold that will serve as contacts in buttons and switches.

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Stewart Bint is a public relations and communications officer at Vero Software.

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Import Mechanical Desktop Drawings Directly into Inventor 2014

Try this new method to import your Autodesk Mechanical Desktop part files into an Autodesk Inventor assembly model.

By John Hackney

Many companies started out in 3D design using Autodesk Mechanical Desktop (MDT), but since the software was discontinued in 2009, these files have generally not been used. As designers moved to Autodesk Inventor, there were ways in import MDT files using either their original MDT 2009 software or the Autodesk MDT version for Inventor. When Inventor 2013 arrived, however, this MDT version was not supported for importing files.

Now with the release of Inventor 2014, Autodesk has provided a method to import MDT part files directly into an Inventor assembly model. The part file is added to the assembly as a solid body linked to the original MDT file. It is important to note that the MDT features are not translated into the new part.

To get started, you must modify your Inventor project file. A library entry must be added pointing to the folder containing the original MDT files. You can label it as you desire. Once it's created, right-click on this entry, select Add Proxy Path, and point this to a folder location for the Inventor MDT converted files. If you are using an Inventor Vault project file, these two paths must be outside the project workspace. Read more »

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John Hackney is an IMAGINiT Technologies mechanical applications expert.


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Andover, Massachusetts
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