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23 Jul, 2014 By: Cadalyst Staff

Select the Appropriate GPU for Your CAD Workflow — and Your Budget, Part 2

Understand how power consumption, support for multiple monitors, and other factors can impact your choice.

By Alex Herrera

When you begin shopping for a workstation-caliber graphics processing unit (GPU), having a price range in mind will narrow the options quite a bit. But it still invariably leads to perhaps the most intimidating issue in this whole shopping process: How to assess and compare the performance of the products in that price range.

Spec sheets may seem like the answer, but most overwhelm the reader with floods of numbers, and use metrics that may not provide a good basis for comparison. If the performance metrics you'll find in marketing brochures are of interest to you, by all means check them out — but remember to take each with a few grains of salt. While they can hint at a rough performance level, they are generally too subjective in definition and too specific in usage to indicate whether the GPU can succeed in making your job more productive.

Ultimately, getting at least a rough handle on how a GPU might perform while running your type of workload requires some type of benchmarking. Although they are often misused and misinterpreted, benchmarks can be useful tools, and should factor into your GPU selection process. (Learn more about GPU benchmarks in "How Fast Is It? Assess Your Graphics Hardware.") But that's not all the information you'll need.

Capabilities and Features That Benchmarks Don't Measure

Benchmarks are inherently limited to yielding approximations of performance for the things they measure — and there are many professional GPU capabilities that they don't measure at all. For example, the extent of a card's support for advanced display functionality, GPGPU (general-purpose computing on graphics processing units), and memory size and speed can make all the difference in productivity, yet won't show up in published results for popular professional benchmarks such as SPECviewperf. Read more »

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Contributing editor Alex Herrera is a consultant focusing on high-performance graphics and workstations.

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Add a Custom Material to a Custom Content Library Family in Autodesk Inventor

Create a linked custom content center family from an existing custom family, and add a new material to an existing custom content family.

By John Hackney

Manage Files with Autodesk Vault Mirror

Watch the video »

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John Hackney is an IMAGINiT Technologies manufacturing solutions consultant.


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11 a.m. PT
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How to Avoid Four Common Injection Molding Defects Using SW Plastics
July 30, 2014
2 p.m. ET
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