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11 Sep, 2014 By: Cadalyst Staff

SolidWorks 2015 Covers More Users with 3D Umbrella

The product development software portfolio from Dassault Systèmes is designed for mechanical engineers — and their diverse collaborators.

By Cyrena Respini-Irwin

This week, Dassault Systèmes made its annual announcement of the new version of the SolidWorks software portfolio for product development. SolidWorks 2015 includes updated versions of applications for 3D design, simulation, electrical design, product data management, and technical communication.

During a media preview event held at the North American headquarters outside Boston, Dassault Systèmes executives stressed that the 2015 portfolio supports the broader network of professionals involved in product development. Aaron Kelly, vice-president of user experience and product portfolio management, explained that the goal is to "expand and leverage 3D for more people," including those in technical publications, marketing, quality assurance, electrical engineering, and manufacturing. "SolidWorks is 3D for professionals — not only for mechanical engineering professionals," said Chief Executive Officer Bertrand Sicot.

A Broader Portfolio

MCAD use has evolved, Kelly noted, from what were typically single-user workflows to an environment of team-based and inter-company collaboration. Our collaboration tools, however — e-mail, telephone, chat apps, and social media tools — are not sufficient to support 3D design collaboration, he explained. To address that deficiency, the company has introduced Collaborative Sharing for SolidWorks, a cloud-based collaborative development environment that's already part of SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual, the conceptual mechanical design application launched earlier this year. Collaborative Sharing now enables SolidWorks CAD, eDrawings, and DraftSight users to save, manage, and share files with coworkers and third-party collaborators (provided they also have licenses); capture project data; and create design communities. Read more »

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Cyrena Respini-Irwin is Cadalyst's editor in chief.

‘Digitalization,’ Systems-Level Design Are Keys to Manufacturing Success

At its annual media event, Siemens PLM Software executives share industry perspective, company strategy, and software updates.

By Nancy Spurling Johnson

Today's products and machines are becoming increasingly complex, with operations that depend on internal software that's typically more complicated than the design itself, not to mention the push to connect products to the Internet (a trend dubbed the "Internet of Things"). Siemens PLM Software executives last week told a group of invited industry writers and analysts that the key to success in this manufacturing environment is to embrace "digitalization," a concept that extends beyond merely creating digital pictures to adopting digital as a fundamental approach to innovation. That, according to Siemens PLM, requires a systems-level approach to design as well as the ability to merge real and virtual design to optimize innovation.

Siemens PLM Software hosts its annual Analyst & Media Conference to share company strategy updates, software developments, and customer success stories. At this year's event in Boston on September 3–4 (#SPLM14), Vice-President Bill Carrelli said, "Our theme will be the role of virtual in the innovation process and how the merging of virtual and real will become the essences of innovation in the future" — and how companies can achieve real innovation while managing the risks associated with it. And the concept is extending beyond product design to the entire factory.

Chuck Grindstaff, president and CEO, explained that intelligent, Internet-connected products can gather extensive information from their working environments, be automated, and even work autonomously. "Those capabilities are now extending to the factory [and] how we make things." Read more »

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Nancy Spurling Johnson is content director for Longitude Media, publisher of Cadalyst.

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Designers of Things 2014
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San Francisco, California
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Fisher/Unitech Design Excellence Forum
October 1–29, 2014
Various U.S. cities
Fisher/Unitech, a provider of SolidWorks 3D design software and Stratasys 3D printers, will host its second annual Design Excellence Forum with events scheduled in 11 cities throughout the midwest and northeast. The events will demonstrate how to leverage today's most innovative technologies to achieve excellence in design and manufacturing. Read more »

PLM Road Map 2014
October 2, 2014
Plymouth, Michigan
This annual event is hosted by CIMdata, a global product lifecycle management (PLM) consulting and research firm. Now in its twenty-first year, this event brings together industry experts from CIMdata, key industry players, and front-line implementation experts who will explore end users' progress, opportunities, and roadblocks. Read more »

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