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Bentley: A Better Deal Sponsored
Bentley: A Better Deal   16 Nov, 2019

Purchase Software to Suit Your Business NeedsMore>>

Bentley: Better Support and Services Sponsored
Bentley: Better Support and Services   15 Nov, 2019

When you combine MicroStation with world-class support and services, you are on your way to elevating your competitive outlook. More>>

Bentley: Move Beyond CAD Sponsored
Bentley: Move Beyond CAD   15 Nov, 2019

Move Beyond CAD at Your Pace with MicroStationMore>>

Bentley: Choose MicroStation Sponsored
Bentley: Choose MicroStation   14 Nov, 2019

Are you facing an ever-increasing workload with tighter deadlines, but your productivity is not growing as the same pace? Maintaining your competitive edge depends on combining the latest technology with your skills and experience to win and deliver more successful projects faster, while optimizing...More>>

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Dear MicroStation Maxine: What Kind of Support Is Available for a Migration to MicroStation?   19 Jun, 2018

Bentley Systems provides procedural and technical support as well as endless learning resources to support CAD managers, users, and their companies making the transition.More>>

Dear MicroStation Maxine: What Are My Bentley Software Licensing Options? Sponsored
Dear MicroStation Maxine: What Are My Bentley Software Licensing Options?   13 Feb, 2018

Bentley Systems continues to offer perpetual licenses as well as term licenses and a variety of subscription programs that you can mix and match according to what’s best for your business. More>>

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