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Nine Time-Saving Benefits That AutoCAD Users Love About MicroStation

31 Jul, 2017 By: Cadalyst Staff

Undo any action from any time, forget about manual standards checking, and much more.

MicroStation from Bentley Systems is an advanced design and 3D modeling software packed with capabilities that support the demanding workflows of infrastructure engineers and designers  in any discipline. Many MicroStation benefits, notable for boosting efficiency and productivity, are particularly useful to AutoCAD users. Editor's note: Click here or on the image below to view information in e-book format. 

1. Stop worrying about losing work due to crashes. MicroStation is much more stable than AutoCAD — and it saves every command as you perform it. You’ll never lose work or waste time while repeatedly having to save large files.

2. Use a command repeatedly without reselecting it. If you are performing the same command several times in a row — for example, Place Line — you don’t need to select the command each time in MicroStation. Just select the command the first time, and the tool remains active for you to continue executing that command.

3. Undo any action from any time. MicroStation offers unlimited, nonlinear Undo, so if you have to add, modify, or delete something you did two days ago, even if you’ve made 1,000 changes since then, you can selectively undo just that one change.

4. Work efficiently with 100+ file formats. MicroStation can easily open, import, and reference more than 100 CAD, BIM, and GIS file formats — and have geospatial data snap into its precise location in the model.

5. Solve geometric problems graphically. AccuDraw, a core drafting and modeling productivity tool in MicroStation, reduces the amount of time spent measuring things to solve geometric problems by solving them graphically.

6. Work effortlessly with multiple units. If you work with multiple units (such as metric and Imperial), MicroStation converts them automatically for you; all elements are a known size, and the units are automatically calculated.

7. Forget about manual standards checking. MicroStation’s standards templates and standards checkers automate standards compliance. Now you can recover the all that time you waste checking and validating standards compliance on every project.

8. Don't slow down with large files. MicroStation is high-performance software. Its system architecture allows you to open and work with very large raster, vector, and point cloud data much faster than you can with AutoCAD.

9. Use constraints to move quickly through design iterations. MicroStation’s powerful constraints capabilities, usable in both drawing and modeling workflows, let you to maintain design intent while rapidly progressing designs.



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