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Switching Is Easier Than You Think!

31 Jul, 2017 By: Cadalyst Staff

10 things that make it simple to move to MicroStation.

Changing software can be a daunting prospect — to say the least. Fortunately, if you're making the transition from AutoCAD to MicroStation, a number of things can make the process much easier than you'd expect. Editor's note: Click here or on the image below to view this information in e-book format.   

10 Things that Make Moving from AutoCAD to MicroStation Easier Than You Think1. Take advantage of RealDWG.  Bentley Systems licensed RealDWG from Autodesk, which means you have 100% guaranteed file fidelity for opening, saving, and referencing DWGs. You can confidently use all your existing drawings and models without translations.

2. Use your AutoCAD key-ins. You can use your familiar key-ins via your PGP files with MicroStation. Approximately half of all AutoCAD commands in existing PGP files will work without any changes.

3. Employ similar functions. Many AutoCAD and MicroStation functions are alike, and that means a shorter learning curve for you. In addition, MicroStation CONNECT Edition uses a standard ribbon interface that makes navigation and access to tools fast and easy.

4. Keep your same computer. MicroStation’s hardware requirements are nearly identical to AutoCAD, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to change hardware.

5. Click for help when neededMicroStation has an active user community to provide support when you need it. Help and advice from your peers is just a click away on the Bentley Communities web site.

6. Work the way you want. MicroStation user interface and key-in shortcuts are customizable. Easily tailor MicroStation to work the way you want with a highly flexible user interface in order to increase your comfort and productivity.  

7. Access MicroStation's next-generation adaptive learning system. Bentley’s CONNECT Edition software provides access to an adaptive learning systems that helps bring all available online help and learning content, including hundreds of hours of videos and course materials to your desktop. You’ll have access to extensive dedicated training built for AutoCAD users, to help you make a speedy transition.

8. Access MicroStation's contextual learning. Find help quickly and obtain recommendations about the best way to use the currently selected feature as well as ways to improve your workflows. 

9. Access 24/7/365 phone support. You will have access to phone support as well as a wealth of online support resources.

10. Get a home-use license for MicroStation. Learn and practice at home with your own home-use license of MicroStation.



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