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Peter Jacobs

CNC Masters

Peter Jacobs is the Senior Director of Marketing at CNC Masters. He is actively involved in manufacturing processes and regularly contributes his insights for various blogs in CNC machining, 3D printing, rapid tooling, injection molding, metal casting, and manufacturing in general.

Top 9 Reasons to Add CAD/CAM into Your CNC Manufacturing Process   27 Apr, 2021
By: Peter Jacobs

Viewpoint: CAD-CAM software with CNC machining is a must-have for production manufacturing.


NVIDIA’s Omniverse Platform: Game-Changing Potential for Large-Scale CAD

21 Apr, 2021 By: Alex Herrera

Annual GTC ’21 Show Report, Part 1: NVIDIA unveils Omniverse along with new RTX GPUs to support the platform.

About the Author: Alex Herrera

Alex Herrera


Keep on Workin’ — Your Files are Safe!

5 Apr, 2021 By: Lynn Allen


Autodesk Releases AutoCAD 2022

30 Mar, 2021 By: Cadalyst Staff

New version of renowned 2D/3D CAD program focuses on collaboration tools and automations.

About the Author: Cadalyst Staff

Cadalyst Staff

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How Fast is ZWCAD 2021?

17 Mar, 2021 By: ZWSOFT Co.

Sponsored: ZWCAD tests basic operations and efficiency against other CAD programs.


Become a DraftSight Layer Tools Expert with Lynn Allen

3 Mar, 2021 By: Lynn Allen


NVIDIA’s Ampere GPU for CAD and Beyond

18 Feb, 2021 By: Alex Herrera

Herrera on Hardware: The first professional Ampere GPU foreshadows advancements to come for all CAD visualization professionals.

About the Author: Alex Herrera

Alex Herrera


Learn DraftSight Layer Tools with Lynn Allen

1 Feb, 2021 By: Lynn Allen


Minimum CAD Workstation Specs for 2021

27 Jan, 2021 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager Column: You want to equip your CAD users with the right hardware to help them do their best work. Your boss wants to spend as little as possible. What are the minimum requirements that will address everyone’s needs?

About the Author: Robert Green

Robert Green

Graphics Cards and CPUs

Ryzen 5000 and Zen 3: Benchmarking Performance Measures for CAD

21 Jan, 2021 By: Alex Herrera

Herrera on Hardware: This exercise provides some performance data for comparison, plus insights about examining a CPU’s clock rates.

About the Author: Alex Herrera

Alex Herrera

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