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Throwback Thursday - Space Shuttle

AutoCAD 1.4 circa 1984/85 and the Space Shuttle drawing by Autodesk founder John Walker. This is one of the earliest known DWG sample files used to show AutoCAD-86.


Thank You cough cough


My heart goes out to all of my fellow western united States residents dealing with the concerns and fear due to unknowns and unsubstantiated conspiracies circulating on the internet, and some experiencing the loss of homes and life due to the unprecedented wildfires.

Book Review: Berserker's Planet by Fred Saberhagen - AI Will Mimic/Predict Human Emotion

Enlarge via BeserkerPlanet.png (5264.4K) In my previous review of Berserker Man, also by Fred Saberhagen, I mentioned how my friend, Francis Walsh, the astronomer, loaned me some science fiction books.

Vacation and NW Fires

I took last week off of work to drive from Oregon to see my 3 adult kids that live in Utah, including one that is attending the University of Utah as a senior in engineering. I also got to see my cute sweet  granddaughters. Due to Covid 19, I haven't seen my kids and grandkids since January. We had a couple dinners in parks socially distanced with masks since my daughter in law is currently pregnant. It was so good to see them since I love and miss them so much.

Ask Revit Experts Anything this Thursday


Coming this Thursday is an Ask Me Anything session where you bring the questions and Sasha Crotty, Harlan Brumm, and Aaron Vorwerk deliver the answers.

Book Review: NORMAL by Warren Ellis

Enlarge: Character Map from Normal "The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet." —William Gibson Our team at Autodesk is called Strategic Foresight.

Free Tinkercad Lessons Plans are Available for Teachers

With COVID-19 impacting the ability of teachers and students to gather face to face, remote learning is the remedy. As such, Tinkercad has been found to be a valuable tool in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Drone Pictures of My House Opened My Eyes

As a Marine, my neighbor, Clay, learned to play by the rules. As an air-traffic controller today, he knows the rules when it comes to using unmanned aerial vehicles, a.k.a., drones.
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