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Electronics Design Now Included in Fusion 360

This is huge news for those in the design and manufacturing world as you can now do your industrial and mechanical design but with this months update you get professional electronics design. This makes Fusion 360 an end to end design tool for designing and manufacturing products.

Throwback Thursday – How to Get Started in AutoCAD Circa 1986

This book is about 80 pages making the irony not lost on me. Learn AutoCAD Without Reading the Manual.

Here is the tough AutoCAD History trivia question:
Who is Kelvin R. Throop, the author of this book?

Snagit Magic

I have used Snagit for over 20 years as a customer on an almost daily basis for work and images for this blog. This software is one of my most essential tools and I am always finding out powerful features all the time. Today I learned I can replace areas of an image much like

Content Aware cut and paste in Photoshop without the big price tag and large install footprint. Sometime you just need something to do your basic capturing and editing not a full blown photo editing software.

Final Day to Submit AEC Videos for Showreel


Autodesk is looking for videos of our customer's best building, infrastructure, and construction projects created using Autodesk software for our new AEC showreel.

Join the Autodesk Inventor Team in Portland

We’re hiring a senior software engineer for the Autodesk Inventor Platform team. This position is based in sunny Portland, Oregon in our awesome award winning building.

Innovations Are Coming to Disrupt the Construction Industry

construction technology 2020

“You’re on the construction site, outfitted in your Terminator-like robot suit that gives you exponential strength, letting you effortlessly lift hundreds of pounds as integrated sensors send your vitals and atmospheric data to the cloud.

Windows 7 Ends Today

Rest in Peace Windows 7 - 1/14/2020

AEC Hackathon 7.0 Copenhagen

One of my favorite events filled with innovative thinking and ideas combined with collaborative fun and technology are the AEC Hackathons held around the world. The next big AEC Hackathon is being held next month in one of my favorite cities in the world, Copenhagen Denmark.

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