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I have been with Autodesk over 21 years, and two of my 3 children have grown up only knowing only Autodesk. Autodesk was founded back in 1982 and for most of that time we have had offices that allowed dogs in the employee office with some rules to assure safety and good behavior. My daughter when she was really young used to tell people that her daddy worked for “doggydesk”. It was always cute when she said it.

List of Autodesk Gallery Exhibits by Industry

The Autodesk Gallery at One Market in San Francisco celebrates design — the process of taking a great idea and turning it into a reality.

Yes, It's The Rock Boat Time Again

This week my wife and I are on The Rock Boat. This is our eighth voyage.

Make Revit Even Better

Please help my Autodesk colleague Sasha Crotty of the Revit product team gather some feedback data on your needs for Revit and building design products.

It only takes a moment and can help the Revit team better understand your future needs for Revit.

WeWork Labs Portland Grand Opening

What a great space, mission, community, and awesome local panel speaking last evening at Portland’s WeWork Labs official opening. The WeWork Labs will work with other local startup accelerators, incubators, mentors and communities to share resources in which to successfully help local startups succeed.

Lorenzo Villaggi: Inspiring the Future of Vertical Urbanism

Lorenzo Villaggi is a Research Scientist in the Autodesk Office of the CTO. He's an architect, researcher, and educator based in New York City.

We Do Research

My group within the Autodesk organization is changing its name from Office of the CTO (OCTO) and will now be known as Autodesk Research. OCTO for a group name is super geeky and reflects reporting structure but not what we do. We will be named Autodesk Research because research is what we do.  We always had fun with the acronym of OCTO as an octopus mascot, but now the octopus is on to bigger and better things and will be retiring.

Autodesk is 37 Years Old Today

In Marin County California, a small group of people got together January 30, 1982 and formed Autodesk.  The design industry hasn't been the same since.
As founder John Walker stated “the game has changed.”

37 years later, Autodesk is a rare technology company that is still around, innovating, evolving, and helping our customers.

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