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Machine Learning Unleashed to Aid in Construction

Autodesk Construction IQ

Machine learning has been a growing in this ever growing world of growing data. It has been in your hands surfacing tips and reducing tasks on your phones, in your bank statements, everyone and now in construction.

RawR See a T-Rex in Stunning 3D Detail - without being eaten

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with a panel of Smithsonian employees of the Digitization Program Office and they let me know of an amazing reality capture project that went live just yesterday. It is stunning in detail and fascinating information. You can also download the 3D model data and then 3D print your own although at a smaller than life size.

More Power in CAM Operation with the Launch of Autodesk PowerMill 2020

Read about all the faster calculation, simulation, and verification with PowerMill 2020 CAM in the Manufacturing Lounge blog post from Clinton Perry.

Autodesk Portland

Fusion 360 Meetup in Portland May 7th 2019

Last evening at the Autodesk Portland office a Fusion 360 Meetup ( was held and several attended to hear Keqing Song and Paul Sohi of the Fusion team present as well as Paul be challenged to answer questions in a “Stump the Chump” session as well as tips and tricks.

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