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Autodesk Portland Housewarming Event

This weekend Autodesk employees in the newly opened Portland office were invited with their families to enjoy a housewarming party and also have the opportunity to make a difference in the community. It was awesome to enjoy the space with employee families and see how excited the employees were to show off the new office.

Here are some photos from the event.

Global Month of Impact Wine to Water in Portland

Autodesk Portland Wine to Water annual Month of Impact Event

May is Autodesk’s annual Global Month of Impact. The Impact Team here in the Portland office held 3 sessions assembling water filters to be shipped around the globe to those that need them to filter water for drinking.

Old Ways Cost Real Money and Precious Time

The Measuring Tape is expensiveI was involved with a large project. I ended up laser scanning the building in a couple days capturing the building in full 3D using a FARO Focus3D LiDAR.

Custom Espresso Tamper

Thanks to the kindness and concern for good coffee in the new Portland Autodesk office and an excellent excuse to make things, Hans Kellner Autodesk employee extraordinaire in Autodesk’s San Francisco office designed a custom espresso tamper. Hans designed the tamper using Fusion 360 and then machined it on a Haas CNC.

Now we have two new custom espresso tampers for our new Portland office’s espresso machine.

Weekend Gorge Memories

Yesterday it was 90 degrees in Portland, so I headed into the Columbia Gorge to enjoy some hiking and wildflowers.

Coyote Wall

Autodesk Generative Design Workshop in Portland


Autodesk Generative Design Workshop - FREE
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 10am to 5pm and will include lunch and a closing networking/social hour.

Know Your Tools, Learn Your Craft, Make Anything

I love that our Autodesk Pier 9 has open sourced the manuals and instructions as workshops with lessons on Instructables on how to use much of the equipment located in the Pier 9 workshop. It is a wealth of learning and practical knowledge on some of the equipment.

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