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Imagine Making a Part 40% Lighter While Exceeding the Strength of the Original

First Major US Auto Manufacturer Using Generative Design!

GM is the first major North American automaker to adopt Autodesk generative design software to take vehicle lightweighting to a whole new level. This AI-designed seat bracket weighs 40% less and is 20% stronger than its predecessor.

Throwback Thursday - Keep on Pedaling Michael

In our new renovated Portland office in the old Towne Storage Building, there is history all around us and all that could be maintained, restored, and celebrated was.The building had many years as a paper company storage, then county government records, then for some years as a funky storage building full of studios and lofts that people could rent.

SketchBook is Now FREE

SketchBook Goes FREE

Bike City – Autodesk Portland

Autodesk Portland

We have been in our new office in downtown Portland a week as of this Monday, and a few things have become very apparent. A new office can change more than the length of commute for employees, it is changing culture and pride in the office environment.

Congratulations to the Glen Canyon Dam Modeling Team

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and Autodesk Inc. just won the 2018 USGIF Government Achievement Award.


Best of Luck to PNW Teams!


Day 2 in the New Autodesk Portland Office

The Autodesk Portland office in Autodesk Infraworks.
We are in our second day in the new office and things are running relatively smooth with only minor things such as HVAC tuning, printer setup, coffee machine training, and some finishing construction going on in the Towne Square area on the 2nd floor.

First day in the New Portland Office

Its been a long day moving into our new Autodesk office located in the downtown Central Eastside Industrial District just off Burnside Bridge near the Willamette River. We moved into the renovated and restored Towne Storage Building. Employees began arriving early this morning to the office to unpack and look around. The office is amazing and a truly creative space. Surprising enough no problems were hot other than a few minor things and preferences so that was a huge success of the teams involved in the building construction and move.

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