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Rats in Autodesk Portland Office

Well, this is Portland Oregon and yes we are weird or uniquely creative including the placement of small toy ponies attached to old city horse hitching rings and yarn or knit bombings of local statues.

Do You Want to Know What is Coming in Future Revit?

Revit Blog

Here are some  great ways to find out what the future of Revit has planned, and how you can help shape it.

Updates to Reality Capture API on Autodesk Forge

Updates were made the reality capture API on Forge that not only dramatically improves the resulting quality and speed to produce a mesh or view point clouds, but also adds geolocation for InfraWorks.

With a Name Like Autodesk EDM

Every time they mention their team “EDM”, I think of DJ and dancing cats with loud electronic dance music, but it is really the Enterprise Data Management and an important company function. The team sits near me in the Autodesk Portland office and are a great growing group of fun and smart “data nerds”.  Last week they went out for some team building and sent me this photo. Who knew, there is the Canadian sport of Curling here in Portland Oregon?

Thank You pdxRUG for Visiting Autodesk Portland

Thank you pdxRUG (Portland Revit Users Group) members and BilT team Bob Bell and Phil Read  for visiting Tuesday night to see the new Autodesk Portland office, some good local pizza, networking, and learning about the upcoming BiLT conference in Seattle this summer. It was nice to host the meeting and hope we can do it again, soon.

Autodesk Maya 2019 is Here

Autodesk Maya 2019 is Here

Read about the release:
Introducing Autodesk Maya 2019! | The Maya Blog | AREA by Autodesk

See Generative Design Technology at IDS Trade Day Toronto

Join Autodesk Jan 17th in Toronto to learn about Project Refinery and the Autodesk Technology Centers.

AutoCAD Automation Beta on the Forge Platform

Access many of the AutoCAD objects in an API on the Forge platform as a Design Automation Beta. Automate repetitive and time intensive tasks and save time.
AutoCAD Automation Beta on the Forge Platform

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