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Final Week Push and Getting High Altitude

I'm entering my final week of sabbatical (6 week vacation) and please ignore the bad example of me in the office writing this while on my sabbatical, but my fav backpacking and outdoor gear shop Next Adventure is a couple blocks away and I needed to say hi to colleagues and post this. The last 5 weeks have been filled with some amazing adventures some solo, some with friends, and some with my 3 kids all over Oregon.

Start Training for the AU5K!

First, congratulations to all the speakers that were notified this week that they will be speaking at Autodesk University 2018 in Las Vegas! Thousands of proposals were submitted and the quality and competition for the event were top notch. Thank you to all that wrote and submitted a proposal.

Thanks to last years attendees survey feedback, my Autodesk University 5K “AU5K” is once again happening for Autodesk University 2018.

Inventor Tip: Frame Generator Custom Notch

This Autodesk Inventor tip was submitted by Peter Barker.

Time-lapse of Construction

Autodesk just celebrated their grand opening of the Portland Oregon office last month. It was a construction journey to take the old historic building and celebrate its past and build out its future. The project was successfully orchestrated and completed by several contractors and architecture firms, several Autodesk employees, and of course lots and lots of Autodesk software because the contractors and architects are also Autodesk customers.


Hurry Up and Vote for AU 2018 Classes


The deadline for voting on Autodesk University 2018 classes is this Friday, July 13th. You have the opportunity to help select which speakers and classes will be available when registration begins August 8.

Vote for AU 2018 Classes

Throwback Thursday – AutoCAD R13 C4a was Good

My longtime colleague and programming guru Kean Walmsley wrote a great blog post talking about why AutoCAD R13 was painful, but it had to happen to re-architect the product.

A brief history of rearchitecting AutoCAD (or the importance of R13)

Autodesk Portland Office

The last week before my sabbatical started, Stacy Doyle of Autodesk PR and myself gave a tour to a Cathy a reporter from the Portland Business Journal of the new Autodesk Portland office.


Sabbatical Week One


Greetings following my first week of sabbatical, and what a week it was!

Hello Summer

I am so grateful to have an employer that understands that employees need time away to refresh, recharge, and come back with a renewed energy and passion. Some of us use the time to go spend time with friends, family, education, reading, working on their home, camping, or traveling, but a 6 week sabbatical every 4 years provides a true length of time to disconnect. I will be checking email and posting to the blog occasionally so that things don't drop but for the most part I am out of office.

A New Crop of High School Interns at Autodesk Portland

Our Autodesk Portland high school interns just started their summer internship!

Autodesk Portland 2018 High School Interns

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