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What is Autodesk Forge

Forge is the future platform for Autodesk where all applications and services can use a common cloud based platform to view and extract your design data – and more. Several Autodesk and 3rd party applications have already made use of the benefits of this platform, but do you want to know more about Forge and what it offers?

Scott Sheppard wrote a nice overview with a diagram as well that explains the APIs and benefits of Forge.

Happy New Year 2018

I have just returned from the holidays and all rested and refreshed and ready for this fresh new year.I spent the past 2 weeks hiking, snowshoeing, shoveling snow and ice, playing with my dog, and relaxing.

Happy Holidays


New Autodesk ReCap Photo Version

If you are using the former Autodesk ReMake updated with new abilities and UAV support, you will be interested in the updated version released just this week. ReCap Photo is included with your ReCap Pro subscription.

Autodesk ReCap Photo update version is now available.
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Not a Billionaire

When they said Bitcoin price was doubling almost daily and all the hype, I thought they said “Bitmoji” so I got involved in Bitmoji.

 High Five! Bitmoji Shaan

Cooper the Puppy

I realized how much my 5-1/2 month old puppy had grown this weekend. Just 4 months ago you could carry the little furball in one hand at only 6 pounds. Cooper is a unique Golden Retriever that is slender build long skinny head, and has a deep reddish copper wavy fur.


Free Training Courses

In addition to all the free great classes and keynotes from Autodesk University (Autodesk University 2017 Classes Posted), LinkedIn is providing 40 courses for free covering Autodesk product training and certification preparation, construction management, technology like artificial intelligence, and business.

Autodesk University 2017 Classes Posted

AU2017 Classes - FREE
Classes from AU 2017 are now online for you to go gain knowledge and skills from the top Autodesk product experts.

BunnyBots 2017

BunnyBots 2017

BunnyBots 2017 was held this Saturday, and it was the biggest BunnyBots ever held with 26 FIRST Robotics high school teams participating from around Oregon and Washington. As usual the cute stuffed bunnies lost to the custom built and programmed robots gathering them for points.

Autodesk Design Night – Material World

If you haven't yet attended an Autodesk Design Night event in San Francisco or locations around the world, you are definitely missing out.

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