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AU5K Run Results

AU5K 2017

An Epic Piece of Autodesk History –The Nozzle

An amazing surprise as I walked into the office this morning, Kevin Schneider presented me with the historical original nozzle used in many sample files and demos of AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor over the past 34 years.

On This Day 20 Years Ago

On this day a much younger version of me left a design seat as an Autodesk customer and started with Autodesk in San Rafael California.

Bespoke Bodies


An Autodesk BUILD Space Residents Outradius is featured in the Design Museum Foundation exhibit Bespoke Bodies.

Portland Winter Light Festival

Portland Winter Light Festival

AEC Hackathon in SF Bay Area

Are you an AEC professional and like to explore and perhaps compete in a challenge? These are fun and educational events.

140 Years Next Week

Next week I will celebrate and reflect on 20 years working at Autodesk, or 140 in dog years due to our dog loving culture at Autodesk. I am going to gather up some of my fondest memories and accomplishments for a blog post next week. Autodesk has been a job that I only intended to do for two years then go back into a design seat, but I am still here for several reasons and my colleagues are like extended family.

If you have any photos or stories of me over the past 20 years as a desker, please Email Me.

Know a Kid?

If you know a kid, then you should also know Tinkercad. Tinkercad is free and browser based with nothing to install.

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