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Oh, The Places She Will Go!

My daughter Katie turned 16 years old today. It is one of those milestones in ones life that bring about change, possibilities, choices, and opportunities.

She is smart, funny, beautiful, compassionate, love of thrill and adventure like her dad, and she will do whatever she wants in the world as she gets closer to her opportunity to set out creating a better world. Since she was around 7, she has wanted to be a veterinarian, and what a great veterinarian would be with her amazing love of all animals and living beings.

Happy Birthday Katie, I love you to the moon and back!

AU5K 2017 Shirts

A almost two weeks ago, I requested feedback and ideas (AU5K Shirts) for a AU5K run shirt design. Most of the feedback I received liked the idea of “I Run Autodesk University” as a tagline. So we are going with that.

Here is the prototype shirt design I created. Please post your ideas and thoughts in the comments.

AutoCAD 2018.1 and AutoCAD LT 2018.1 Update Now Available

AutoCAD 2018.1 Update
There is a fancy new feature packed update for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT subscriber and educational license customers.

Throwback Thursday – AutoCAD 35 Years

Autodesk and AutoCAD was created 35 years ago this year. There are many celebrations looking back over the years, and also looking forward to the future. Autodesk was founded by John Walker, so I emailed with John on his perspective for the 35 years and asked him some questions to share.

Fusion 360 in the Web Browser

Now you can edit your Fusion 360 models on your iPad, Chromebook, or Linux machine using only a web browser. Fusion 360 in the bowser works on virtually any device with a browser. The Fusion 360 in the browser is only in preview at this time with several features not yet exposed, but they will be in the future. The purpose of the browser preview is to get your feedback.

Imagine a future where you can go to any connected device and pick up on your design where you left off.


于7月3号成功登顶7546米的慕士塔格峰(新疆),带着一面"I Love AutoCAD“的35周年纪念旗子。


这也不是Hill第一次带着AutoCAD的旗子出去登山。位于四川省的半脊峰顶上(5430米)也曾飘扬过“Keep Calm & Love AutoCAD”的旗子。半脊峰上露了半张脸的就是Hill。

AU5K Shirts

We may have tee-shirts for participants in the now official Autodesk University  morning run/walks better known as the AU5K. I'm looking for great ideas on a shirt design that is witty and funny. The shirt should be worthy of being proudly worn at AU and maybe during the morning runs and when you return to your office to show off. I know we have very funny and creative readers, and perhaps you uncreative ones know a person you can hit up for a fun creative design entry.


If you are in beautiful sunny Portland Oregon this week, enjoy seeing cutting edge AEC, and networking then this event is for you.

The Future of Making and Digital Construction in Portland.


35 Years of AutoCAD Celebration Goes Way Up

An AutoCAD Team member, Hill Fang has summited with his 35 years of AutoCAD flag. Hill Fang summited Muztagh-Ata, 7,546m / 24,757ft, on July 3rd,2017 with an “I Love AutoCAD” 35 Year anniversary flag.

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