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Autodesk University 2017 Day 1


This is the largest Autodesk University, ever at over 10,500 attendees here in Las Vegas.

See the official Autodesk University 2017 Day 1 Recap Video

Dam Good Day

Today we took two buses of Autodesk University attendees on a field trip to the Hoover Dam. Dave Winslow of the US Bureau of Reclamation and myself presented the 3D reality capture work we did upriver at the Glen Canyon Dam using LiDAR, SONAR, and photogrammetry for perhaps the largest point cloud dataset. After the presentation all those attending got a nice tour of the Hoover Dam.

Autodesk University 2017 Day 0

AU 2017

I arrived yesterday and got all registered and then met with some old and new friends and colleagues and then watched the Rock and Roll Marathon where many AU attendees where running this year.

Autodesk University 2017 Tips

View from my room last year at AU 2015We are less than a week from Autodesk University. After attending every Las Vegas based Autodesk University, I have compiled a long list of tips over the years for not only surviving, but making the most of AU.

AU5K aka Shaans Run Update

map of starting location

Found my Lost Phone

Mount Hood National Forest

Halloween in Lake Oswego

The Future of Autodesk Forge

Happy Halloween! Just a treat, no trick today.

Autodesk Forge Pumpkin by Michelle Stone.

If you are interested where all this talk of the Forge platform is going then you shouldn't miss the keynote events at AU in the Forge DevCon event.

Clean your AutoCAD DWG and Kill Zombies

5440389898Are you receiving bloated unruly DWG files from someone that are a suspected zombie apocalypse and walking dead?

Here is a good solution good solution and timely for Halloween. Slay those zombies bloating your DWG files.

Ready to purge the zombies?

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