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Five Ways AR and VR Will Improve Our Current Reality


Technologies allowing us to interact with virtual objects have been around since the ‘70s, but in the last few years the technology has become more sophisticated and

Wow, I am a Grandpa

This past weekend in Utah I had one of the most amazing experiences by meeting my first grandkid Charlotte, who is just 2 weeks old. My oldest son Chris and his Girlfriend Malissa are the proud parents.

Charlotte was so sweet and beautiful.

Comunidad de Autodesk en Español "Consulta al experto en Revit”

Olá amigos!

Te invitamos a participar en el evento de la Comunidad de Autodesk en Español: "Consulta al experto en Revit".

Modeling Gig in LA

Last week was spent with some Autodesk Fusion 360 rock stars Mike Aubry and Curtis Chan along with some awesome customers modeling some 3D parts for a special project in the LA area.

Enable Preview Functionality in Fusion 360

Have you wanted to test out new Fusion 360 features and functionality before they make the main release?

Beautiful Spring Landscape of the Columbia Gorge

It’s always nice to see the beauty round us rather than the depressing news on the Internet and televisions. This last Sunday I escaped the city and drove into the Columbia Gorge about 80 miles East of Portland Oregon looking for less clouds and some spring wildflowers. I went hiking, looking at the wildflowers, and also flying a UAS (drone or flying camera) as I am a FAA Part 107 UAS pilot.

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