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Weekend Flashback

2017-02-12 14.52.26

Autodesk - Making Starts Here

Maker Program Starter Kit.

Teachers, get the Maker Program Starter Kit and help your students get into the STEM/STEAM maker culture and making things by developing your maker program.

More Languages in Tinkercad


Blog Comments Temporarily Disabled

Construction - Between the LinesI have had to temporarily disabled the blog comments for a few days as I migrate back to the built in blog comment system.

What's Up with the Autodesk Cloud

If you use an Autodesk cloud based or connected service like AutoCAD 360, BIM 360 or Fusion 360 and want to know when planned maintenance is scheduled or if a problem you are experiencing is related to an outage, how do you check the status?  There is a page to see the current status and maintenance scheduled for the services.

Hedgehog not Groundhog

Caddyshack MovieIts about time we got things correct after years of settling for a

Photos from Yesterdays 35th Birthday of Autodesk

Yesterday Autodesk celebrated its 35th birthday and employees, partners, and customers joined in to mark the occasion. From Portland, San Francisco, Manchester, Boston, Toronto, Moscow, Neuchâtel, and many other locations and remote offices there were employees in old Autodesk memorabilia and cakes. It was a lot of fun seeing all the nostalgia and stories in Twitter, Facebook, and other social media as well as in person.

Retro Autodesk Logo

Retro Autodesk Logo from the 80s

On this 35th birthday of Autodesk, it seems appropriate to fly the old calipers logo.

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