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Happy New Year

Final Sunset of 2018

Generative Design for Industrial Machinery

Have you heard all the news about generative design, but not certain how it might be a benefit to you and the industrial equipment you design? Here is a great opportunity to learn more in a free live webinar.


Happy Holidays

SF-Holidays 2018
No matter the holiday you celebrate or not, I wanted to wish you a nice time as we at Autodesk begin our annual week of rest. We are taking off the time to see family, friends, and perhaps catch up on email and sleep.

BunnyBots 2018

Bunnybots 2017

Smelly Glitter Bomb for Surprise Package For Thieves Designed Using Autodesk Fusion 360

I have always said that we at Autodesk have the most awesome and creative customers in the world, and to that point I submit another fine example. Having personally been a victim of a package thief that stole my package from my doorstep and made off with my new yoga mat, I would rather have boobytrapped my stolen package like Mark Rober and Sean Hodgins did.

LEAP Design Competition in Portland

This weekend the final judging of the Linking Engineering and Philanthropy (LEAP) design contest for local FIRST Robotic FRC Teams was held at Mercy Corp in Portland Oregon. The high school FRC Team 1540 Flaming Chickens from Catlin Gabel that I have worked with for a few years founded LEAP and run it.

Puppies, Kitties, Beer, Gifts, Bad Sweaters and Gingerbread all for a Good Cause

Yesterday in the Autodesk Portland Oregon office, we held a fun event in the afternoon. Two volunteer employer groups Ministry of Mischief and Impact Team  partnered to have fun and support some good local causes. The Impact Team supported making the holidays better for a local family and gathering things they needed for their family. The Ministry of Mischief organized the donation to the Oregon Humane Society and they brought puppies and kittens into the office.

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