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Saving time: Optimizing a Dull Structural Task with Dynamo

I have the pleasure today of hosting a guest blog post, from a longtime Twitter friend that I was fortunate enough to meet up with in person this year, Tom Kunsman! As if working in this industry isn't cool enough, we also bond over our love of Legos and Space Science! 

BIM 360 Ops - Will it feed data back to Revit?

So, as much buzz as there is around BIM 360 Ops, as a facilities person, my primary concern is longevity and keeping things relevant.

While I know that you can export data from Revit to Ops, I was not sure whether changes you make in Ops can feed back to the Revit model.

BIM 360 Ops - First Look

For the past five years, I have been absorbed in the world of ARCHIBUS. So, while I definitely made use of AutoCAD and Revit in conjunction, I sort of lost touch with the direction of some other Autodesk offerings.

Revit 2019's New Features Worth Knowing

I looked on the web at blog posts and for the "New Features in Revit 2019".  There are some good things mentioned, but I have found some other good things that were not.  (Yes I'm a little late getting this posted)

Some very simple improvements have been made to the basic graphic user interface, that are major work flow improvements.

Phased and Confused?This

Phased and Confused?

This is How to Successfully Use Phases In Revit

Revit has its own way of dealing with existing, demolition and new construction.  This concept is referred to as Phasing.  Learning to use t

Stop Using AutoCAD

Stop using AutoCAD.

AU2017 Influencer Event

It has been awhile since I have posted myself, so I am honored to be able to host another guest post for a fellow AutoCAD Influencer, Frank Mayfield. 

Here are some past guest posts:


What's The Deal With Revit Worksets Anyway?

A Revit Workset is as a named collection of elements, organized by their purpose within the Revit project file.  Worksets are only available in work-shared Revit project files (central files).

Worksets allow you to control various aspects of all the elements within the workset.
You can set a workset to be off by default.  This is good for special purpose elements, where you would have the workset visible only for specific views.  Keep this in mind when you are looking for something you can't see.
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