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Putting the AI in Retail: Walmart’s Grant Gelvin on Prediction Analytics at Supercenter Scale

With only one U.S. state without a Walmart supercenter — and over 4,600 stores across the country — the retail giant’s prediction analytics work with data on an enormous scale.

Grant Gelven, a machine learning engineer at Walmart Global Tech, joined NVIDIA AI Podcast host Noah Kravitz for the latest episode of the AI Podcast.

AI Gone Global: Why 20,000+ Developers from Emerging Markets Signed Up for GTC

Major tech conferences are typically hosted in highly industrialized countries. But the appetite for AI and data science resources spans the globe — with an estimated 3 million developers in emerging markets.

Around the World in AI Ways: Video Explores Machine Learning’s Global Impact

You may have used AI in your smartphone or smart speaker, but have you seen how it comes alive in an artist’s brush stroke, how it animates artificial limbs or assists astronauts in Earth’s orbit?

Update Complete: GFN Thursday Brings New Features, Games and More

No Thursday is complete without GFN Thursday, our weekly celebration of the news, updates and great games GeForce NOW members can play — all streaming from the cloud across nearly all of your devices.

This week’s exciting updates to the GeForce NOW app and experience Include updated features, faster session loading and a bunch of new games joining the GFN library.

GFN Thursday: Rolling in the Deep (Silver) with Major ‘Metro Exodus’ and ‘Iron Harvest’ Updates

GFN Thursday reaches a fever pitch this week as we take a deeper look at two major updates coming to GeForce NOW from Deep Silver in the weeks ahead.

Catching Even More Rays

Metro Exodus was one of the first RTX games added to GeForce NOW. It’s still one of the most-played RTX games on the service. Back in February, developer 4A Games shared news of an Enhanced Edition coming to PC that takes advantage of a new Fully Ray-Traced Lighting Pipeline.

Perceiving with Confidence: How AI Improves Radar Perception for Autonomous Vehicles

Editor’s note: This is the latest post in our NVIDIA DRIVE Labs series, which takes an engineering-focused look at individual autonomous vehicle challenges and how NVIDIA DRIVE addresses them. Catch up on all of our automotive posts, here.

Autonomous vehicles don’t just need to detect the moving traffic that surrounds them — they must also be able to tell what isn’t in motion.

Universal Scene Description Key to Shared Metaverse, GTC Panelists Say 

Artists and engineers, architects, and automakers are coming together around a new standard — born in the digital animation industry — that promises to weave all our virtual worlds together.

That’s the conclusion of a group of panelists from a wide range of industries who gathered at NVIDIA GTC21 to talk about Pixar’s Universal Scene Description standard, or USD.

Making Movie Magic, NVIDIA Powers 13 Years of Oscar-Winning Visual Effects

For the 13th year running, NVIDIA professional GPUs have powered the dazzling visuals and cinematics behind every Academy Award nominee for Best Visual Effects.

The 93rd annual Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, April 25, with five VFX nominees in the running:

Cultivating AI: AgTech Industry Taps NVIDIA GPUs to Protect the Planet

What began as a budding academic movement into farm AI projects has now blossomed into a field of startups creating agriculture technology with a positive social impact for Earth.

Whether it’s the threat to honey bees worldwide from varroa mites, devastation to citrus markets from citrus greening, or contamination of groundwater caused from agrochemicals — AI startups are enlisting NVIDIA GPUs to help solve these problems.

Green for Good: How We’re Supporting Sustainability Efforts in India

When a community embraces sustainability, it can reap multiple benefits: gainful employment for vulnerable populations, more resilient local ecosystems and a cleaner environment.

This Earth Day, we’re announcing our four latest corporate social responsibility investments in India, home to more than 2,700 NVIDIANs. These initiatives are part of our multi-year efforts in the country, which focus on investing in social innovation, job creation and climate action.

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