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Cadalyst Debuts ‘Summer on the Cloud’ for 2017

26 Jun, 2017 By: Cadalyst Staff

Running all season long, the special series of content will deliver software, hardware, and managerial insight for CAD and IT professionals.

Responding to reader interest in the growing trend of cloud-based CAD, Cadalyst announces “Summer on the Cloud,” a special series of content devoted to all things cloud for CAD and IT professionals.

Throughout summer 2017, Cadalyst editors will devote coverage to all things cloud, including cloud-based CAD software, hardware infrastructure, and how to manage it all.

The series will kick off June 28 with “Get a Grip on the Cloud,” by Robert Green, Cadalyst’s long-time CAD management expert and author of the popular CAD Manager’s Newsletter. Green will share basic but essential information about running CAD applications on the cloud, including the real-world benefits and liabilities of the technologies, to help CAD managers make smart choices for their companies. In future installments over the summer, Green will discuss managing data on the cloud and other CAD management concerns. Readers are invited to submit suggestions and questions to Green for consideration.

Alex Herrera, author of Cadalyst’s “Herrera on Hardware” column and senior analyst at Jon Peddie Research, will tackle the cloud topic from a hardware infrastructure perspective. Planned topics include

  • choosing between physical and virtual workstations,
  • choosing between cloud and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workstations, and
  • considerations when deploying CAD workstations in the cloud.

Watch for these articles and more, all summer long on



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