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IMAGINiT Technologies' Clarity Software Enhances BIM Collaboration

15 Feb, 2012 By: Cadalyst Staff

Autodesk Revit Server–based solution can provide dispersed teams and property owners with additional security, task automation, and reporting capabilities.

Rand Worldwide's IMAGINiT Technologies division released a new web-based solution for Autodesk Revit Server users yesterday. IMAGINiT Clarity software enables AEC team members and external partners in multiple locations to securely share one centrally located BIM (building information modeling) model. The software features online dashboard controls, programmable security settings, and a variety of automated time-saving solutions for tracking and reporting progress.

IMAGINiT's new Clarity application helps Revit Server users manage data and users with a variety of feature and interface enhancements.

"To the best of my knowledge, we are first people releasing an application on top of Revit Server that does all this ... we are the only ones that are thinking of it as a platform," said Beau Turner, IMAGINiT's director of business development, Building Solutions, and one of Clarity's creators.

Turner explained that Clarity enhances and expands upon Revit Server's capabilities in multiple areas, including:

It's time-consuming to get Revit Server up and running, said Turner. Users can install Clarity along with Revit Server to get remote sites up and running in minutes.

Automation. As additions are made to the model, the software automatically tracks and calculates the changes; it also automates file generation in formats such as PDF, DWF, Data Export, and Image Export. Users can schedule tedious or resource-draining tasks to run automatically at off-peak times, or run them on demand as needed.

System Management.
A remote dashboard allows users to monitor the network health of all central and local servers in real time. A constant activity stream records how the model is being modified, and by which users. "There is no other tool out there to give you all of this in one interface," said Turner. The dashboard also provides alerts as they arise, such as Model Locks or connectivity errors; users can monitor this information remotely from a tablet instead of their desktop.

Automated reporting tasks can be run on demand or on a scheduled basis. Clarity can also send out e-mail notifications of model changes to selected users. The software can automatically generate up-to-date data sheets that provide a "snapshot" of room contents; according to Turner, it could take users weeks to generate those sheets manually.

Clarity can generate up-to-date data sheets automatically.

Secure Sharing.
Turner explained that a VPN pipeline provides data security inside Clarity, so there is no risk of turning data over to an insecure cloud environment. "It's on [the user's] server, their network, their hardware," he said.

Clarity enables users to control access for muti-office and multi-firm collaboration. "At any point, if the relationship sours, I can revoke that certification ... so we can control access."

Administrators can put limits on what particular users can see, modify, and access. Normally, everyone who's connected to Revit Server can view all the projects their firm is undertaking; with Clarity, "if a person is assigned to only two of those ten projects, that's the only two that they're going to see," explained Turner. For non–Revit users who need to work with Revit data, Clarity includes automated options to transform the model data into an Excel or PDF file.

IMAGINiT Clarity can be packaged with Autodesk Revit Server or integrated into an existing installation. Pricing is dependent on the number of locations, users, and implementation services required.

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