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Cadalyst White Paper Explores Future of CAD File Formats

19 Nov, 2017 By: Cadalyst Staff

Are you wondering about the changing role of DWG and other familiar formats? This guide provides insights into the changing landscape of CAD data management.

Today, the challenges regarding data and files for design-based industries are more diverse than they used to be — and they’re evolving rapidly with the development of new storage and computing technologies. How are CAD developers approaching these challenges, and how are their strategies shaping our use of CAD data? This white paper, written by industry expert Randall Newton, provides insights into:

  • The complications of new devices and bigger file sizes
  • Web services and the role of the cloud vs. desktop
  • The reason that 3D CAD users still rely on 2D software.

Register and download your copy of this free white paper today to get a clearer view of the changing file format landscape!

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Cadalyst Staff

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