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HP unveils 3D collaboration tool

10 Aug, 2004

At SIGGRAPH yesterday, HP announced HP Remote Graphics, software designed to provide remote access to workstations overs standard networks. The software is built on HP's proprietary compression and decompression technology that allows large files to be shared over a standard network connection. Only those parts of each frame that change are sent back and forth, further reducing transmission time.

The compression algorithm provides lossless transmission (it was used to transmit images taken by the Mars Exploration Rovers), though you can choose to trade image quality for increased speed. HP Remote Graphics can display 24 frames per second at 1024X768 resolution.

The software is application neutral--it accesses graphics data via the workstation hardware. It takes up less than 50MB of hard disk space and runs on Windows 2000/XP, HP-UX 11.0 or later, and Red Hat Linux. The sending and receiving workstations can use different operating systems.

HP Remote Graphics

HP Remote Graphics software handles large 3D models with minimal lag time.

HP expects the technology to facilitate tasks such as design and project collaboration, training, remote IT support, sales demonstrations, and working from home. Early implementations include an automotive manufacturer that conducts preliminary design reviews with offices in the United States, Germany, Australia, and Mexico and a university that allows its students to access CAE applications running on HP-UX workstations.

DreamWorks SKG used the product in the production of Shrek2:"It proved to be extremely valuable in bringing together our creative teams across DreamWorks' Southern and Northern California campuses," said Ed Leonard, DreamWorks CTO. "The software enabled efficient multi-site collaboration without a disruption to our workflow."

HP Remote Graphics is slated to ship in October. HP workstation customers can purchase a single sender and receiver for $399 ESP. For non-HP hardware, the price is $599. Additional receiver licenses cost $99 each.