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Siemens PLM Is Realizing 100% Digitalized Manufacturing

6 Jun, 2018 By: Nancy Spurling Johnson

Acquisitions, key updates to core tools such as NX and Solid Edge, and developments in simulation, additive manufacturing, and more support a fully integrated, automated process.


Closing the Loop

Extending the process to the concept of closed-loop engineering, the Internet of Things (supported by Siemens PLM’s MindShere) facilitates collection of data about real-world product use. The data can inform future design, but because it is stored on the cloud, it can be consumed from anywhere for any purpose.

MindSphere delivers real-world product performance data through the cloud back to the digital model, closing the product development loop and completing the digital thread.

As manufacturing evolves, so must the simulation technologies that support digitalized design and production.

In building out a fully digitalized manufacturing platform, industrial additive manufacturing (the commercial application of 3D printing) presents a particular opportunity. Take, for example, the redesign of a traditionally manufactured part that calls on generative design (topology optimization) to create a new, lighter structure that’s impossible to manufacture by traditional means but entirely possible via additive manufacturing (see below). Simulation can examine not only how the part will perform in use, but also how the design will fare in the 3D printing process, and enable needed adjustments in the digital twin, eliminating physical prototyping and testing. The single solution aims to eliminate the bottlenecks that traditionally impede full automation from design to manufacture.

This slide illustrates the role of additive manufacturing in a digitalized design-to-manufacturing process.

Additive manufacturing is “a big area of focus in developing future simulation applications,” Leuridan said.

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